Thursday, 12 January 2017


Why is that when i open a New Post; i don't seem to know what to type?
Why is that i get myself into random situations?
How would i describe myself?
What am i actually passionate for?
What are the biggest things you've learned so far?
What is my top priority now?
Why is it that when i'm falling for someone the person will leave?
Why is it that my bank isn't an amount that i'm satisfy with?
Why haven't i actually got my driving licence yet?
Why is it that i was born with one kidney?
Where would i travel if i can? 
Why is it that i'm easily please?
Would i even like the job that i'm about to on-take?
Why is it that i always doubt myself?
What is my actual ideal career? 
Why is my favorite colour?
Why do i trust people so easily?
What can inspire me?
Why is it that i will contradict myself sometime?
Why is it that i'm blunt and honest sometime?
What can i do this summer?
Why is it that sometime i like to think way far ahead of time?
Why do i always overthink things?

Just thoughts that been in my mind...
Cmpang x 

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