Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy Twenty Seventeen

Dear You,

Welcome to Twenty Seventeen!

Yet again it's nearly been a whole year and i haven't typed on here. When entering this page and seeing this screen its kind of a nostalgic, I guess you can say it's therapeutic to type on here... takes me way back to the days when i typed on Xanga everyday when you type the content that you've done everyday...

Well lets rewind back to Twenty Sixteen. 

Actually Twenty Sixteen it has been a big learning curve for me; i've discovered a lot about myself. I finally quit the job that i've been in for three years. Then continued to find the next suitable thing but whilst doing that i was on fun employment. In 2016; i didn't really start the year with any resolution but i guess my only resolution that was to simple 'make an effort' did i keep to my words, i can only say i've done it to 85% haha. I don't mind i mean everyone does endless new year resolution and hardly keep them and i just had one to focus on.... 

make an effort - don't be lazy and don't procrastinate basically..! 

This is the time i like to take a little time to thank my friends in Twenty Sixteen that have supported me through difficult times. I didn't realise that how easy it to just make a slight effort to adjust my friendship with many people. Everyone that i met in twenty sixteen have influenced me in the greatest way, I'm really thankful for these people and I continue to grow my relationship with you guys! I'm happy that i can catch-up with some friends that are busy with their lifestyle and took a little time to see me. 

Towards the end of twenty sixteen i feel like i fell of the grid of social light; it gave me time to reflect on what i need to build on for myself. As i've been told that people just see my life through social media such as instagram/snapchat and this year i will try my best to meet and catch up with friends and not to be a lazy bum! Anyway some highlights of last year which i really enjoyed; and the memories that we share together has been incredible and wish to continue. 


Bye Bye Twenty Sixteen..,
Welcome Twenty Seventeen with open arms...

Cmpang x 

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