Wednesday, 22 May 2013

✈ T A I W A N ✈

 T A I W A N 

Taiwan was the great quick get away being only one hour away from Hong Kong. It was a awesome feeling after being in Hong Kong for a year. I just wanted that feeling to be on a plane and be free from my current environment... well for those that haven't visited Hong Kong it is great place however it just too rammed pack with people and the vibrant lifestyle here can be a bit hectic. Anyway there was public holidays last week and i took the chance to goto Taiwan... A place that i have been longing to go but never got a chance. This time i got to share this experience with my beloved boyfriend. This was a one for the books and definitely great fun, although everyone in Taiwan speaks mandarin and little english with my help from my boyfriend we got by...

Taipei was the place we visited in Taiwan, it was a fun and what i expected... which was to eat eat and eat. We did a lot of travelling in the space of 4 days 3nights, we walked through many places and visited the main sights that friends advised us to visit and ate so much till our belly are on the edge to explode...-0-! Anyway here is a burst of photos from our vacation... ! click to enlarge*

Hopefully in the near future i will visit more asia countries since i am so close to them, hope you enjoyed this entry... feels a long time since i have posted anything on here...-_-*

CMPang x 

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