Friday, 7 October 2011

Scrub Up

Exfoliating in my opinion is one important process of beauty. Removal of dead skill cells and rejuvenating the new.I find it difficult to find exfoliating products as my skin is sensitive and dry, which using some products it can irritate my skin and dry it out even more. however these are some products that i have used few times.

Since visiting Hong Kong i picked up a lot of beauty products which was overload, compared to buying clothes from previous years. These are the three exfoliating products that i have purchased from different brands. These products were either purchased from Sasa or Bonjour, you can visit the website to purchase.

1. Missha Super Aqua - Oxygen micro Essence Peeling (All skin types)

This ;product is unique as it produces certain amount of bubbles according to skin temperature and condition. it suitable for dry skin as it contains water a soluble emollient, Hyaluronic acid which is more than 30% which it will calm and nourishes the skin even more.

After using this product my skin felt soft, however using this product may take 3-5 minutes waiting for the bubbles to appear which tingles and will be quite irritating , afterwards you can rub the bubble and it will turn into visible peeling in the process can massage your face.

Cost: £ 16.50
like: out of 5

2. Dr.G Gowoonsesang - Brightening Peeling Gel (All skin type/Combination Skin)

This product is one of the award winning products, which clears the dead skins quickly. It is simple how to use this wetting your face and applying a small amount to your face and start scrubbing away. This is very gentle exfoliation as it contains cotton cellulose fibers and bark extract.

This product does wonders to dry & sensitive skin, there is a significant improvement from using this product. As using this product each time there is less particles coming from the peeling. It soothes the skin and highly effective in pores reducing.

For sensitive skin i use this once every two weeks - once a month.
Cost : £ 14.30/ HK$ 160.00
Like : Out of 5 -

3. Laneige - Multiberry yogurt peeling gel (All skins types)

The smell of this product is luscious, which is a highlight when using this product. After using this product it soothes the skin and gives an radiant glow. The texture of this product is thick with fine beads which doesn't cause damage to the skin. with antioxidants within the product is an good anti-aging scrub.

When using this product the particles when peeling are much less than other products. which is always a plus as when washing it is easier to remove.

Cost:HK$190 /£ 15.00
Like: Out of 5 -

Happy Exfoliating ....

CMPang x

Disclaimer : The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and my opinions.


  1. I like how you put it in pounds and HKD :P

  2. Great post, I need to scrub so much :) very useful review ! Kisses

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  3. Great reviews! I personally use a peeling from the Collagen line from Watson's :D It's cheap (it was on special for HKD 59.90) and is effective!

  4. Exfoliating is important in essential skin care process! Like you review :)


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