Friday, 25 August 2017

Happy Twenty Sixth.

Twenty-Six ! Ahhhh!

Actually to be honest i just feel the same! no different from the twenty-five! It true what people say when you reach that age you don't feel different when growing up. i like to thank everyone that sent me birthday message via any social media and in person! And those that has been around me during my birthday week..! 

This year my birthday i didn't do anything fancy nor really plan on what to do... but to be in good company with close friends! Thanks to my friends for organising dinner for me and thankful for accompanying me on my birthday... although i did get slightly roasted by them girls... and tipsy... ! nevertheless i know you all love me! thank you for adding more memories to our friendship! 

This year i didn't really make any birthday wish if i was honest, reason being... maybe i couldn't think of one or i was pretty tipsy... Oops! however if i had to wish i just want to be happy and a bit more truthful to myself and i'd probably go get that tattoo that i've been saying that i wanted to get for long time as a wish i've been saying for a long time but haven't got around to do it...! *wish me luck* 

This birthday would mark me being in Hong Kong for six years, WOW! have time travelled fast and this is a place where i've matured the most and learnt the most. I'm thankful for all the experience that has came my way whilst being in Hong Kong... the good and the bad... however without those experiences i wouldn't be the person i am right now.  I've still got more to learn however i feel proud that i can survive in Hong Kong and looking back each year just goes quicker and quicker..!
However being here for six years, i do consider would i stay longer than my seventh. I'm thinking if it is an ideal place for me to live in... i mean it is a great city but there are certain aspect of this city that i can't comprehend with...however i would go back to my home country for few month and then decide.... as in my mind constantly goes back and forth from should i stay? or should i go? and if... Where should i go? go back to England or think of somewhere else... 

However for now i will enjoy my time here...
Enjoy the company i am with and the memories that will be made!

Cmpang x 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Generic Q&A after breakup.

It genuinely doesn't matter how much you pour your heart to someone; if that person doesn't respond it mean it's over...
We hear generic questions and answers regarding when people break up...
After that initial question - what happened ? 
Then the following generic things you will receive from different forms of people...
  • You can do better
  • Don't let yourself look like a mug
  • You got to stop messaging her/him, she/he needs his/her time 
  • Your too good for him/her
  • Your attractive... you can get any guy/girl you want...
  • Maybe she/he feeling the same towards you...
  • Just dead it.
  • Don't find him/her if they want you they will have their ways coming to you.
  • That person needs to do hell a lot to get you back.
  • Why you let yourself get mistreated?
  • It's going to hurt now, but time is an essence and will heal you.
  • This is the ideal way to let go of each other.
  • Don't be foolish you know it won't be marriage material.
  • He/she played you, let it go. 
  • What was so great about them?

i'm sure there is plenty more that have been said... 

What on my mind why can't that person you end it with won't be able to communicate the correct information. Instead of receiving different forms of realities and giving somewhat of a hope, if not hope a reliance on what someone else said... to hope they would tell you the words you'd like to hear... 

I'm pretty sure at end of any relationship; there is someone each individual will go too. They will shoot you in the foot with harsh truth or generic information that you've heard time and time again..

Why do our heart? Soul? Mind? Let this simmer and marinate in our mind that something could be done out off this...
Seriously when people say communication is the key in a relationship, well communicate even if it's ending and being brutally honest than not saying anything at all... could be the best solution... 

but who is willing to say it first? why disappoint that a person that was important to you? why be a coward to shy away? 
there are so many questions that will go in that person head if nothing is cleared... 

i hope people are strong and say what they mean, respond what they want to and not be a coward and shy away from the truth...

Cmpang x 

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Why is that when i open a New Post; i don't seem to know what to type?
Why is that i get myself into random situations?
How would i describe myself?
What am i actually passionate for?
What are the biggest things you've learned so far?
What is my top priority now?
Why is it that when i'm falling for someone the person will leave?
Why is it that my bank isn't an amount that i'm satisfy with?
Why haven't i actually got my driving licence yet?
Why is it that i was born with one kidney?
Where would i travel if i can? 
Why is it that i'm easily please?
Would i even like the job that i'm about to on-take?
Why is it that i always doubt myself?
What is my actual ideal career? 
Why is my favorite colour?
Why do i trust people so easily?
What can inspire me?
Why is it that i will contradict myself sometime?
Why is it that i'm blunt and honest sometime?
What can i do this summer?
Why is it that sometime i like to think way far ahead of time?
Why do i always overthink things?

Just thoughts that been in my mind...
Cmpang x 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy Twenty Seventeen

Dear You,

Welcome to Twenty Seventeen!

Yet again it's nearly been a whole year and i haven't typed on here. When entering this page and seeing this screen its kind of a nostalgic, I guess you can say it's therapeutic to type on here... takes me way back to the days when i typed on Xanga everyday when you type the content that you've done everyday...

Well lets rewind back to Twenty Sixteen. 

Actually Twenty Sixteen it has been a big learning curve for me; i've discovered a lot about myself. I finally quit the job that i've been in for three years. Then continued to find the next suitable thing but whilst doing that i was on fun employment. In 2016; i didn't really start the year with any resolution but i guess my only resolution that was to simple 'make an effort' did i keep to my words, i can only say i've done it to 85% haha. I don't mind i mean everyone does endless new year resolution and hardly keep them and i just had one to focus on.... 

make an effort - don't be lazy and don't procrastinate basically..! 

This is the time i like to take a little time to thank my friends in Twenty Sixteen that have supported me through difficult times. I didn't realise that how easy it to just make a slight effort to adjust my friendship with many people. Everyone that i met in twenty sixteen have influenced me in the greatest way, I'm really thankful for these people and I continue to grow my relationship with you guys! I'm happy that i can catch-up with some friends that are busy with their lifestyle and took a little time to see me. 

Towards the end of twenty sixteen i feel like i fell of the grid of social light; it gave me time to reflect on what i need to build on for myself. As i've been told that people just see my life through social media such as instagram/snapchat and this year i will try my best to meet and catch up with friends and not to be a lazy bum! Anyway some highlights of last year which i really enjoyed; and the memories that we share together has been incredible and wish to continue. 


Bye Bye Twenty Sixteen..,
Welcome Twenty Seventeen with open arms...

Cmpang x 

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