Sunday, 7 August 2016

Just a change.

Where do i begin?

Happy belated 2016, I haven't been on here for a while... well that partially a lie, i have wrote blogs but not really posted them haha. This year is my fourth year in Hong Kong, i am surprised i am still here and survived to tell the story....

Hong Kong is a city that really does grow on you the vibrant life style the lavish ways and the cheap street food. I guess there isn't a place that i've travelled to that is quite like Hong Kong. Although saying this i've come to a point in my life that i do ask a question is this a place where i want to remain? Do i want to travel else where? What benefit has this place for me?

Hong Kong is the city of lights, which actually is a city that never sleeps hence lights are on in offices etc. This place is rather fast pace that sometime i don't think i can even keep up with life, it can become pretty hectic, with the streets filled with people rushing to places. I guess i'm lucky that i live away from the city area, saying this though i don't even think sometime i have personal time to think because i have to utilise that time to sleep. I think ever since moving to here my dark circles has become noticeably worse as my mother says. I've barely got more than eight hours sleep unless i am ill.

So far... 

This year has been quite an emotional roller coaster, I guess everyone at the beginning of the year will have some expectation. People set goals, achievements and resolution to complete before the year ends, and there is me? I haven't really put anything in stone but too enjoy life. That being said though these two simple words is deemed quite difficult in Hong Kong to have a work balance and personal time to enjoy what you do.

Nevertheless so far.... I've been on several Hikes, a place where i can actually found inner peace and pushed outside my comfort zone to reach them places. The places i've been are just breath taking. I've met some new friends and rekindled old friendship. I quit my job and changed a career direction. Met family members that i haven't seen in a long time and generally trying to be happy.

The change...

From 2015-2016 I guess it is a time to reflect. What i've learnt and still learning is to control my emotions, it kind of sounds silly but sometimes i rush into things rationally and impulsively. Making friends with the wrong people, i mean everyone deserves a chance and sometimes i get vulnerable and it's true mistakes are made but i've always said never failure always a lesson. This was taught from a girl once was my closet friend. Everything i do i need to stop and think about it, saying this its a on-going lesson as sometime i can hurt people simply because my mouth is quicker than my brain and say things without a thought process, whether it's i'm under alcohol influence or my emotions.

This year has been a big stepping stone for me, i've completely changed field. This took a lot of courage and to step out of my comfort zone, from a peaceful 8-5pm work monday - friday, and added a very stable income to now an some what unstable schedule, environment and income. However saying this it is something that i wanted to do for awhile, and right now in probation period but the few days i've been working it has been thrilling and fun to engage with all walks of life in Hong Kong.

People that have met now or known me for years has expectation of me that i can achieve things. Honestly i don't have faith in many things and when they believe i can do it, it is a great honor. I guess in my heart that i don't want to fail and i step up to the challenge and it's my ego that drives me to do this.

So its true people change for two reasons: 
Either they learned a lot or they've been hurt too much.

CMPang x 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Dear Me,

I wonder how you really are? you seem so happy, cheerful and you let off a vibrant vibe when people meet you but i know... you aren't like that, your mind is twisted with thoughts that you are slowly trying to unravel. You will have them moments when your in crowds everyone is pumping and with joy and you see the genuine smile but you... you will come to some halt like a music video and watch everyone surround yourself with joy whilst you are their dwelling and being all sentimental and shit.

You ask yourself so often that why were you introduced to the word love? but love is inevitable you will love your family and friends, but this word always seemed to be thrown around so easily... You are a hopeless romantic and when it comes to relationship you just don't quite know how to handle it. You, you really need to pick yourself up and just focus on yourself... no matter how many times you've told yourself you haven't quite got the grasp of that.  Remember to love yourself, you need to focus on you.

You act so impulsively, when it comes to relationship... remember that when two people like each other it can just be that an solely that it won't transform into a relationship that you have pictured in your head. You've put such pressure on yourself that you lose yourself in thought, you drown yourself with "if" thoughts. You need to wake up and understand that 'what if' doesn't happen... you need to get your act together and feel less. Yes Feel less...but don't be ruthless and rude about it just learn to accept that this is life.

Remember what your comfort zone is to just type what you feel,  it doesn't matter if the whole world can see your feeling. You don't need to care so much just do what makes you feel happy?
Just post them post that has been on draft for the longest time, you will feel better... I don't want you to trap your feelings inside because i know you don't discuss everything single details with your friends and you would do it in your mind. But don't worry your friends won't judge they are there to support you give you in advice, you know who they are and you can rely on them...

Remember; focus on yourself and let yourself free.
don't dwell on the past and let things go..
Smile, and try to look at love from a different perspective.
Just remember sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows..

Love yourself,

Cmpang x

Monday, 28 September 2015

Social Platforms - Relationship.

How do you feel about social platforms?

Social platforms can be anything from anything you just directly post any information of yourself to the internet. The most popular social platform would be Facebook, as everyone in today society there isn't many people that don't use it. However there are fewer people nowadays that will oppose to the ideas of these social platforms as the more you post about yourself the confidentiality of yourself is disclosed to the public anywhere around the world. 

There are many apps for smart phones these days, living in Hong Kong it is inevitable that you would download a fair few. Popular ones such as Instagram, Wechat, Tinder, OKcupid, Skout and a recent one 17. These social platform are initially to find a potential person or just for casual dates. However nowadays with so much temptation around a lot of people would download to see who or what there is to offer, disregards of their relationship status. 

Relationship to me is a huge deal, i am some what you would call a hopeless romantic. However being in a country like Hong Kong,  relationship is very hard to come... i would always stay by seeing is believing but that quite naive in this country. I always have the best thought of someone, that they won't do any harm... I mean everyone would like to fall in love and hopefully that person would love you back hopefully without lies. 

However that isn't the case with all these temptation in this country there are a fair few that are in relationship yet still use these app. You can call it cheating? exciting? disrespectful? wrong? .. in my eyes yes it is disrespectful and off course who in acts in this doesn't really love their other half as they claim. you can say they just searching for other options i mean non are married, however before downloading these apps surely they would have a motive. 

As a users of some of these apps, i guess you should think of how the person on the receiving end would feel. It is a harsh world, you don't always get what you want and it would be painful to see that if someone falls for someone that is in a relationship and using these apps, and only to get their heart broken from someone that actually isn't even trust worthy. 

However i do have another theory, maybe that these people are really insecure with themselves and want another re-insurance from the other sex. If not then they are greedy and disgustingly selfish to enjoy the pleasure of one, two or three encounters. lying manipulative people that does this i don't wish well for them, as one day truth will prevail and sometime maybe it isn't the other person you hurt but yourself. Once the excitement has exceeded its limit how can you deal with yourself going back to your partner and feel no guilt no remorse, even more hurting another person. 

I'm sure not all bad things will happen with these social platform, I do believe that there is good that comes out of it. I mean there can't be that many bad people out there right? Although through these you can't really grasp their personality just through pictures, talk and exchange of words through apps. Meeting is the key, getting to know them and if you want out then you are entitled to it. 

Social platforms are inevitable with technology growing wide and more apps would be available it hard to resist these temptations...its part of society and we are society. 

Cmpang x 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

S i n g l e.

Being single isn't the best feeling in the world, however coming out of a relationship you feel destined for loneliness. Even thinking of being by myself is quite sickening thought when you have people that are actually happy either being single or surrounded by happy couples....

Reality hits like a bitch sometimes,  sometimes being single it comes to me as a crime, as for me i will try to pursue something else to cover up that loneliness...other woulds say it just a rebound however i would think of it to try find that comfort zone within, missing that certain affection of someone to care for you... but all in all reality you are single for a reason and ever so quickly you will snap out of that behaviour and just give up on thinking of that as it hurts people around you and yourself...

The actual reality yourself trying to become more independent again, releasing stresses and trying to prove to yourself that flying solo can sometime benefit you...

Being single it also comes with a lot of 'free' time. I guess it actually the perfect opportunity to re-discover yourself. Its time to do something that you haven't done in a while... whether its to re-engage with your friends that you haven't seen in awhile or sign up for a class. Well anything is better than staying at home feeling bad, when sometime you can just get out of the house and start building a better you.

For having so much free time there isn't a need to compromise with anything but yourself. As even in a compatible relationship you would need to compromise occasionally and now that being single it a totally different scenario as you don't have to surrender to anything unless you choose to.

anyway if you are single or in a relationship, enjoy it whilst it last. Create memories for yourself and think on your behalf now.

so go enjoy yourself,

Cmpang x 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Time to reflect.

Two years i have been living in Hong Kong, this relationship that i have developed with this country is one of a kind. I remember two years ago i embarked on this journey and not thinking much but just purchasing the ticket and going. Not knowing what may lay ahead and not knowing what my future would be, but just to fled away from my homeland.

Hong Kong is a place that i said to myself numerous of time whilst growing up is a place i wouldn't work in. Hong Kong is just a place where i will let of steam and stress each summer of my youth, a place where i will play, social and spend money. Hong Kong to me before was just a huge playground that i wouldn't get bored of visiting each year.

Living in Hong Kong now has become more different, from the time where i can stay up to dawn and not worry about anything. I am aiming to get to bed early to prepare for work the next day. In some sense i followed HK steps where sometime i do feel work has tied me down, But i couldn't be happier as i'm working with children and i enjoy it.

Surely there are times that I just want to move back to England, However when i visited two weeks ago my feeling towards the place became distance. I felt the only things I inherit from this place is my culture difference with Hong Kong and being open minded. Nevertheless it was enjoyable and happy to surprise my family and indulge in the food and also shopping...

The two years, definitely learnt to become more independent and friend connections are one of the most important thing...even having family in Hong Kong sometime even the closes one too you, you can't rely on. I am happy that friends make up for that and cherish and treasure the moments with them as they have become type of family.

I felt that there is a new sense of freedom, to choose what i want to do with my life and what i want to pursue, to travel with no restrictions and to enjoy the moment. Also asking for help which isn't a bad thing, sometime to swallow your pride and give in to ask about some simple task where i wouldn't think much about back home.

I will not know what my future will hold,  how long i will be in here... However for now i enjoy my life, cherishing the moments. I will finish this post with the pictures...

It had been an awesome 2013/2014... I hope this continues! 

Cmpang x 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

OOTD #852

since being in HK, these are my random ootd that i have been wearing. 

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

✈ T A I W A N ✈

 T A I W A N 

Taiwan was the great quick get away being only one hour away from Hong Kong. It was a awesome feeling after being in Hong Kong for a year. I just wanted that feeling to be on a plane and be free from my current environment... well for those that haven't visited Hong Kong it is great place however it just too rammed pack with people and the vibrant lifestyle here can be a bit hectic. Anyway there was public holidays last week and i took the chance to goto Taiwan... A place that i have been longing to go but never got a chance. This time i got to share this experience with my beloved boyfriend. This was a one for the books and definitely great fun, although everyone in Taiwan speaks mandarin and little english with my help from my boyfriend we got by...

Taipei was the place we visited in Taiwan, it was a fun and what i expected... which was to eat eat and eat. We did a lot of travelling in the space of 4 days 3nights, we walked through many places and visited the main sights that friends advised us to visit and ate so much till our belly are on the edge to explode...-0-! Anyway here is a burst of photos from our vacation... ! click to enlarge*

Hopefully in the near future i will visit more asia countries since i am so close to them, hope you enjoyed this entry... feels a long time since i have posted anything on here...-_-*

CMPang x 
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