Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Twenty Nineteen.

Each year is literally passing by quicker than the previous. Coming back into this blog everything feels nostalgic and I swear I probably said that before but it just does. re-gaining the ability to type what you like a sense of security that you can look back on what you felt during a moment in life. I mean that what I literally did a few minutes ago just before I decided to type this blog.... anyway!

Recap twenty eighteen;

It's has been a whirlwind of a ride. Last year truly was an amazing year, a lot of surprises along the way. I finally was able to succeed in one my bucket list which was to travel to Cambodia! Also my first flight in four years to Taiwan. I also sadly re-homed Oreo, he was truly a great ball of energy in my life.

I got myself a handsome idiotic boyfriend, whom was able to travel these places with me including England and Amsterdam! I can’t believe I’m lucky to have a guy like him truly. I mean he even got me starting to work out at the bloody gym! I swear I’ve never stepped in one before the previous year for about nine years!

In twenty eighteen I started my new job in a new/startup school which I’m surprised about and I’m actually not complaining much about work I frankly enjoy it... also got promoted which also is a plus!

So the memories that were created in twenty eighteen was truly blissful and sincerely made me really happy...

Twenty nineteen.
I really don’t know what to expect of this year I hopefully hope it’s full of joy and that bs hahaha! But honestly, I swear I say it all the time to myself, sometimes just simply care less. Also, I hope that I do get accepted for the course. I mean that would be amazing!

Really should update this much more often than i am. reminiscing the times back in the days that i would save a day to update this blog and even way back in the day Xanga! hahaha. but yeah it feels cathartic and i really should type more...

Love . 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February 2018

Dear February;

Surprisingly it's been a amazing month and i can't deny. I had pretty much a month away from work since unpleasantly there was an school outbreak of flu's across the board in Hong Kong for kindergarten school which is unfortunate. However it really helped me grow as a person to understand my needs and wants. Oh and the most excited thing i've ticked of several items on my checklist and i'm excited to see the progress of it all. 

Finally processed my renewal passport and hey hit the gym for the first time since like 9 years ago. Aims are to get rid of the flabbiness around my belly and just tone up, also hoping for swimming pool to open up soon so i can get my tan and workout more. What are the highlights of this month, hmmm first thing first received balloons for valentines day! Going to Jumbo again for Chinese New Year... it just been a very enjoyable chill month! (:

Cmpang x 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

January 2018

Do people blog any more? 

Well, i thought this year i put in an effort to start doing this again... it's a place of comfort for myself and i really just enjoy just letting my thoughts go..! January seemed to fly really quickly for me and i guess i should reflect back on what happened this month..

Well, yet again i started a new job teaching PN children! wow.... i can't believe it i've been teaching six years. If you asked me six years ago upon my arrival in Hong Kong i wouldn't know what to do honestly... I mean i was so against working in Hong Kong when i was younger as i always thought this place is a playing field... Where this place was foreign to now i can say this is my place i do love and i can say it's H O M E!... but seriously this place everything was foreign and Asia... as i grew up in a multi-cultural community... but only Chinese person going into primary, secondary school and only Chinese female girl going into uni... The only Chinese community i had back then is through blogging and meeting people through xanga... damn i feel old!

Well this year i've actually did set some targets for myself to meet them throughout the year... and yet i still need to get my passport renewed...=_=" which i will definitely do this month "February".. Nevertheless i've started on some of the targets one of them is reconnecting with friends from the past that i was close to... but somehow became very distance, i'm sure everyone has them friends and it's amazing when you reconnect with old friends! the memories that we once had is something that can bond you together again...

Well this month is where i started my PN class, embarking on a new chapter as before i primarily teaching playgroup... slightly different just teaching children without "parents" in the class... but anyway new school, new environment and i couldn't be any luckier... Although i did receive some phone calls asking me for interviews for other places... i guess new month and it's hiring season hahaha! but fortunate to reject them and be happy in the environment i'm in. 

Anyway, regardless i think i will carry on typing on my blogs.. it feels so cathartic and just relieving that even though not many people reads; which i swear once i cared a lot what i typed and ect... i enjoy just being ME.. which i feel that my time in Hong Kong is some long ass soul search of what i really want and what i want to become... I do have to remind myself it's okay that i haven't got my life sorted but at least i know the direction i'm heading in. Good Luck in the future to everyone regarding if it's their studies, work, friends, family and love. This is only second month now whilst typing this in 2018.  

But thank you for January for this new beginning of job and trying to get my life together.. i have to be not lazy and just do what i want to do; and not be pressured and told that i'm, suppose to be a certain way. i'm suppose to be getting my shit together at such age... i have to remind myself that dude! i've survived being in Hong Kong for 6 years, i've been working for the past 5 years non-stop. it's greater than most people but not as good as others but hey! life... take it each step at a time and just enjoy myself. Good Luck everyone~! 

Cmpang x 

Monday, 1 January 2018

Twenty Eighteen

Happy New Year everyone!

This will be my sixth year embarking on my journey in Hong Kong. This year i think i should make some resolution as last year my only resolution was 'make an effort', well that didn't go to plan as i thought. never mind everything is through trial and error but this year i've feel like i've reached an point that i really need to make more of an effort and figure my life out. Not that i didn't before but more so now that i actually do feel like i'm "aging/maturing/dot dot dot.." that type thing hahaha! 

Well let's have a recap of what i've been doing the past year, not going to deny but it has been one interesting year. Honestly...although looking back i really didn't achieve many great things. However i did grow in my own personal way and made new friends that i can see sharing a life time of memories with. ALSO thank fuck for technology these days because i feel like me and my mum are connecting ever better than before. Although it is through face-time i feel that i enjoy to tell her my life and what i'm thinking it has been great!... I guess the passing of two loved one has really made an impact to me and just want to cherish every moment i can get. I'm really truly am thankful for the past year; i'm grateful for all the people i've met and the opportunities i've been given. I guess it's a given now with technology to go back at the pictures and events that have taken place and here is some of mine that i love to share. 


Upcoming year...

Well i think as i said earlier i think i really need to start making some mini goals that i can achieve in the near future... which i should keep to myself but hopefully it should be accomplishable. however...for this blog, i should really update my life each month...so month by month - i can recap on what i actually did and what excited me instead of just posting it on instagram. i really should go back to old school ways and do this it's relaxing and I've always said that.. but i guess throughout the year i do become lazy and really need to make that extra effort. Oh also maybe just to stay slightly healthier and travel.. and also carrying on keep making memories with my love ones! 

Today is the first blank page of a 365
page book. Create a bright, beautiful and colourful one. 
good luck! 

Cmpang x 

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