Monday, 1 January 2018

Twenty Eighteen

Happy New Year everyone!

This will be my sixth year embarking on my journey in Hong Kong. This year i think i should make some resolution as last year my only resolution was 'make an effort', well that didn't go to plan as i thought. never mind everything is through trial and error but this year i've feel like i've reached an point that i really need to make more of an effort and figure my life out. Not that i didn't before but more so now that i actually do feel like i'm "aging/maturing/dot dot dot.." that type thing hahaha! 

Well let's have a recap of what i've been doing the past year, not going to deny but it has been one interesting year. Honestly...although looking back i really didn't achieve many great things. However i did grow in my own personal way and made new friends that i can see sharing a life time of memories with. ALSO thank fuck for technology these days because i feel like me and my mum are connecting ever better than before. Although it is through face-time i feel that i enjoy to tell her my life and what i'm thinking it has been great!... I guess the passing of two loved one has really made an impact to me and just want to cherish every moment i can get. I'm really truly am thankful for the past year; i'm grateful for all the people i've met and the opportunities i've been given. I guess it's a given now with technology to go back at the pictures and events that have taken place and here is some of mine that i love to share. 


Upcoming year...

Well i think as i said earlier i think i really need to start making some mini goals that i can achieve in the near future... which i should keep to myself but hopefully it should be accomplishable. however...for this blog, i should really update my life each month by month - i can recap on what i actually did and what excited me instead of just posting it on instagram. i really should go back to old school ways and do this it's relaxing and I've always said that.. but i guess throughout the year i do become lazy and really need to make that extra effort. Oh also maybe just to stay slightly healthier and travel.. and also carrying on keep making memories with my love ones! 

Today is the first blank page of a 365
page book. Create a bright, beautiful and colourful one. 
good luck! 

Cmpang x 

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