Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kiehl's Product Review

Winter has arrived and your face may become dry and stripped from moisture. The kiehl's products that i have tried is very suitable for this weather condition. As these products moisture and hydrate the skin very well in this Kiehl's Range.

''oh BTW all the products that i am reviewing are suitable for all skin types. Even for those that have sensitive skin and dry skin like myself -0-!''

The steps of how i use these products;

1. Ultra Facial Cleanser

Product Information;
- Mild Formula to throughly cleanse skin and remove makeup, without over dying or stripping skin of its natural oils.
- Dissolves exccess oil, dirt and debris.
- PH-Balanced to maintain skin natural balance

My Impression;
This product a little goes along way, it foams up very nicely and cleanses my excess makeup that maybe left on my skin from removing. This product does as it says doesn't dry my skin at all. Rinses off easily and doesn't leave any nasty residue. How use these product is use a the pink scrub and massage it in my face. The reason why i use this as it can clean my pores and get into the areas where make up made me left. Using that around my face i will then remove the product by using a cloth. I highly recommend this product for all skin types. As this product can last you literally near to a year.

Price ; £17.00
Likes out of 5 ;

2.Ultra Facial Toner

Product Information;
- Non-alcohol formula gently removes surface debris and remaining residue while hydrating and comforting skin.
- Helps refine sufrace texture while providing the ideal prep for ultra facial or moisture
-Mild Yet effective toner will not over dry skin

My impression;
This product to me seems similar to the japanese ones that i use, it helps to clean off any more excess residue that may be left behind on my skin. Using this is just applying it to cotton pad and use on face. It is a gentle and doesn't tighten my skin after using this product which is always a plus. Leaving skin feeling really refreshed, however i don't think i will repurchase this again.

Price ; £16.50
Likes out of 5 ;

3.Ultra Facial Micro Serum

Product Information;
- Deeply hydrates the skin surface
- Serum that spreads the skin-nourishing ingredients in regular moistures across entire face.

My impression;
It applies to my face very smoothly, it says to massage into my face however my opinion how i use this is to pat into my skin. As i feel it lock in more moisture, this product is very soothing as it is enriched with i Imperata Cylindrica Plant Extract which the roots does contain high concentration of potassium which provides immediate and lasting hydrating. leaving my skin very supple.

Price ; £29.00
Likes out of 5 ; ♥1/2

4.Ultra Facial Cream

Product Information;
- 24 hours light-textured daily hydrator leaves skin comfortable and visibly well-balanced, particularly in harsh weather condition.
- Unique combination of ingredients helps reduce moisture loss whilst drawing and absorbing moisture from the air.

My Impression;
This i feel is an excellent product for winter, it moisture my skin very well. I apply it to my face and neck and it absorbs in very quickly. It is an excellent in hydrating my skin, it suitable for my dry and sensitive skin. The texture of this product is light and applies on smoothly which means it won't clump and feel you have layer of products on your skin. Another great thing about this product a little goes along way, as a tub can last nearly up to a year -0-'

Price ; £43.50 - 125ml / £24.00 - 50ml
Likes out of 5 ;

Optional - Over-Night Biological Peel

Product Information
- Effective peel for overnight use stimulates the desquamation process, means restore the skin to itself.
- With continued use will reduce pore size
- Use up to 2/3 a week

My impression
This is unique product, it leaves my skin incredibly soft in the morning after applying the previous night. This product is like a scrub however it is less harsh and suitable for sensitive skin. It actually feel in some sort way it renews & rejuvenate your skin leaving it supple and soft. Another plus is if you have any scars from spots etc, it seems to get rid of it or cools the area down very well.

Price ; £41.00
Likes out of 5 ;


Kiehl's products are quite expensive in my opinion, however you may ask 'is it worth it' honestly i feel it totally worth it. As each product in this line a little really goes a long way. You would only need a pea size amount and it will cover your full face & neck. The only product that wouldn't be purchased again is the toner as i feel it doesn't really do much. However everything else i really do enjoy using it and hydrates my skin very well for these winter condition.

After doing this review, i think i should of just done a Video -0-' it would be must easier how i use these product but never mind, ^^ when i pluck up the courage to do so... i will haha..

Do you use Kiehl's Products?
How does it work for you?

CMPang x

Disclaimer: The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and reviewed with my own opinions.

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