Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask

Eyes are the most delicate part of your face. I find it hard to find a product to keep it hydrating and keeping it bright, as sometime i watch so much drama which means i have less sleep -0-! which ultimately means i have puffs under my eyes, and look like a zombie/tired !

How I cover my dark under circles/puffiness eyes

1. Apply tons of make up to cover my dark circles 'eeks''
2. Simple 15 minute process applying eye mask...
3. Apply eye cream

My Scheming - Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask
This product is from Taiwan.

First thoughts on this mask is the packaging is very cute. When opening the mask there is a scent of grape which doesn't bother me as much.

I have tried eye mask before, and this is very moisturising and the different is quite obvious when applied before and after. The product is cooling and there is a slight tingle sensation, which may bother some people. The Jelly from this product has sufficient amount of liquid however the good part of this. It holds well on the eye, doesn't slide around.

After applying this eye mask for 15 minutes, my eyes feel revitalise and hydrated. I would repurchase this again as i do feel it does wonder to the eyes and un-messy quick fix.

Like out of 5 :

The only problem about this eye mask is i need to purchase it online, or stock up a lot when i go to asia countries. However another alternative is remake a DIY version of this mask using green tea, and reusing the moulds from the eye mask. BeautyQQ on youtube have tutorials on this.

Have you ever tried Eye Mask?
CMPang x

Disclaimer: The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and reviewed with my own opinions.


  1. nice review!
    i have never tried eye masks before. it looks more interesting because of its gell form. ;)

  2. ..,WOW (n__n) I SO LOVED YOUR BLOG =)


    thank you so much! (^__^)

  3. Hey! I have a couple eye masks at home waiting to be used! I'm excited to use them because they are so cute :p I have the collagen one from Taiwan, I hope it works!

  4. My mom recently brought me back some eye mask from Hong Kong and I can't wait to try it! I'll be sure to check this one out too!

  5. Ohhh you use this too! <3 I LOVED using this mask, but I opted for another mask in my last Sasa order. I kinda regret it since I know this one is so effective, but I can only hope these will work well too! ^^

    NOOOOOO I think I threw away all my plates!!! ; o; I forgot you can use it for molds... I really wanted to do that!! I wish I read your blog first before I used my last one... I forgot to even take pictures for reviews. derp. =___=

    Btw you're SO pretty!! *___* Just wanted to say that heehee :)) <3

  6. wow! think i should get one too! :D


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