Sunday, 30 October 2011

Winter Lips

Winter is always one of the seasons when my lips are the driest-0-!
As winter is approaching this is a little review of what products i use...
As throughout my life i have been trying new lip balms/chapsticks.
to keep my lips moisture, i actually accumulated more than i need for pair of lips..

Lip balm is an essential part of my life, i need it with me every day..
It quite bad that if i don't bring an lip balm out with me, i would purchase it on the day ._.!

Lipice colour - Peach Cream
This was suppose to be a peach lip balm, it gives a sheer shine to your lips. The colour is quite obvious never the less this lip balm contains SPF 15 so that my lips, also containing vitamin E, Lanolin oil, Medowfoam seed oil and mango seed butter which will help lock in the moisture into lips. However this product i wouldn't repurchase as when applying the colour it made my lips looked more chapped. Also after when licking my lips it made my throat dry, also the need of reapplication is quite often.

The pros of this product is it gives a sheer shine, it is a sweet look the price for this is affordable. Also liking the menthol feeling on my lips which tingles a slight bit.

Vaseline - Rose & Almond Oil
This product is a well known product, and i love the smell of this and no doubt it moistures your lips very well. Adding a sheer shine to your lips which pulls of a natural look. This is not expensive and will last quite along time.

Superdrug - The little pink tin
Superdrug has a range of petroleum jelly. However this is a product that i rarely use any more. As i heard that if you keep using these product it becomes really dependent on this, however i do keep this in hand to remove make up sometimes.

The body shop - Born lippy
OH i use to fall in love with body shop lip balm collection, this one is pink guava the smell is devine. The product includes beeswax, hydrogenated castor oil and safflower seed oil. This helps to give a glossy finish and moisture my lips very well.

The body shop - Lip car 01 Translucent
This product as you can see from the picture i've pretty much finished it it is very hydrating and conditions the lips which gives an subtle shine. The main ingredients in this is marula oil, vitamin E and mango seed oil. There isn't anything i don't like about this product, applying this before lipstick/gloss is perfect.

Kiehl Lip Balm #1
This is an popular lip balm and there is quite a lot of rave about this. My impression when i used this is it is very moisturising on the lips however the packaging could be much more better. Also when using this in hot weathers the formulation just becomes like oil, and isn't suitable for my lips.

Mogitate Kajitsu - White Peach
This is one of the top selling lip balm in japan, It contains real natural fruit juice and honey with three types of vitamins C, E and A and UV protection. The scent is pleasant it isn't overly sweet, my lips stays moisturised for hours after applying this. This gives an refreshing menthol feeling and moist.

EOS - Honeysuckle Honeydew
This product is like a lip orgasm, it is 95% organic 100% natural and it is petrolatum free. The scent for this is just gorgeous and same goes with this taste. It is packed with antioxidant and riched with vitamin E. soothing shea butter and jojoba oil. After using this my lips are instantly soft (: . A very promising product i will recommend to purchase...!

Etthusais - Lip Essence SPF 18.PA ++

This product is another top selling product in japan apparently sold every 30 second. This is an highly moisturising product, protecting my lips from UV rays and gives my bare lips a sheer gloss. The best thing of this product it is fragrance free, and have an good staying power.
The only cons of this product, is the formula if applied to much on your lips it does look really oily -0-!

i remember this product was quite pricey, as i purchased this in hong kong so i can't remember exact price. However i do believe it is totally worth it (:

These products that i have purchased i do like them, however i prefer products that are in a tube and don't have to use your fingers. As i do feel that it feels it isn't sanitary or hygienic, I mean just imagine if you was busy throughout the day you haven't washed your hands and applying lip balm with your fingers, how much batteria are you bringing to your mouth?
eww (^^)!.
What lip balm do you use?
CMPang x

Disclaimer: The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and reviewed with my own opinions.


  1. I just use vaseline. :) EOS lipbalm isn't that good for me.

  2. the pink tin looks very cute!
    i used rosebud salve minted rose lip balm. it is on my bedside table.
    i wish they would make a set of smaller lip balm tins. :)

  3. Hiiii hiiii~!! *waves* & nice to meet you (^O^)
    my name is {Wynterpon} ~~ I followed your blog, and I really like it ~! I hope you can visit mine too ♥♥ it's called Harajuku Gal ~!


    xoxo for now

  4. I must keep a look out for the white peach lipbalm. *_* Sounds delicious, I love anything peach.

  5. i'm currently using lip ice, but i'm still looking for the perfect lip balm that suits me best

  6. Happen to my lips too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. i love kiehl's lip balm! follow u now.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  8. very very nice post!


  9. Thanks for the wonderful reviews!


    p.s. Be sure to enter the giveaway on my blog before midnight tonight.

  10. Hey there :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog :) I love lip balms, thanks for this lovely review. I love Body Shop's born lippy lip balms, I have the plum and the strawberry ones :) They smell so good and tasty :P

    How about following each other? :) Let me know on my blog :)


  11. I love body shop lip balms, nice post! x

  12. Hello! Nice post! I love kiehl's lip balm! They're the best! Hehehe! I'm following you! :D

  13. I like the peach one :)


  14. thanks for sharing and recommending lippy for winter.
    i'm with you prefer in tube than jar. i don't like my fingers being sticky. my all time fav is jack black lip balm.

  15. You have a great blog! I love it :)

  16. i need that lipstick color definitely

  17. I also love the EOS lip balm, but have been wondering about other lip moisturizers as well so thanks for posting this!

  18. i use the keihls lip balm too :)love the smell! x


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