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Fiber Mascara Review

Mascara is an essential product that will make your eyes flutter, hahaa' Cheesy'
I believe it is an essential product that will make your eyes open, even if you don't apply foundation or eyeshadow. As mascara can accentuate those lashes and be more waken your face more (if that make sense).

Fiber Mascara are different from Normal mascara, although many new mascaras now have some formular of fiber inside. Fiber mascara can be described as particle infused within the product that will accentuate the lashes by each coat that is applied. As there will be fibers that will attach to the eyelashes, to make them more longer or appear to have more volume.

This mascara was purchased in Hong Kong, however you be able to purchase these product via Yesstyle, Sasa, Bonjour, or Ebay. (:

1. Canmake


Product Information
- An upwards curl that last long time
- Hyper-volume effect
- Lifts and separates the lashes, fanning them out
- waterproof effect
- contains lash-conditioning agents
- Wide Spiral brush

This product really defines each eyelash, after two coats it does accentuate the eyelashes. the product is quite thick. The holding of the eyelashes and curling time last 2-3 hours even when curling my eyelashes. This product is easy to come off with warm water, also no need to scrub off. I wouldn't repurchase this product again.

Price: $180hkd
Like out of 5:

2. Fairy Drops - Platinum Mascara Waterproof

Product Information
- 5 Kinds of treatment essence mascara
- Fiber & Volume up
- Strong against humidity waterproof keeps lashes curl up all day

This product i absolutely fallen in love with, it curls your eyelashes and volumes instantly. The curve of the brush covers each eyelash and longen the lashes that lasts all day. This product doesn't clump the lashes together however through out the day there are particles from the eyelashes that fall out. However removing this product need oil base product to clean. The packing is great and it is worth the price. I would definitely repurchase this product again.

Price : $118 - Discounted at Sasa or $188hkd
Likes out of 5 :

3. Dejavu Fiberwig - Paint-on False lashes Extra long

Product information
- Extra long lash look
- Longer once you brush
- No "Panda eyes"
- Convenient removal

There have always been an hype for this product, however i didn't really enjoy using this product as the formular is very watery, and doesn't curl my lashes at all. When applying i found it quite difficult as the formular doesn't dry quick enough after one coat and will smudge onto my eye lids. However it does as it says it longen the eyelash in one brush, although leaving my eyelashes straight and not curled. I wouldn't repurchase this product again.

Price: $118 HKD
Like out of 5:

4. Majolica Majorca - Lash enamel glamour volume on

Product Information

- Lengthens
- Volumizes

This isn't my first MJ mascara, however this mascara i love as it is great to define each eye lash. I would use this for my bottom lashes as the brush has two sides, when applying the finer tip of the comb for my bottom lashes, it expands and volumise in one coat. The only downfall to this it is a pain to remove, needing oil base eye remover will do the trick. However im using right now Bioderma which does the trick. This product i will purchase again as it does wonders.

Price: $100hkd? around.
Likes out of 5 :

5. Majolica Majorca - Lash expander frame plus

Product Information

- Plumps up lashes
- Enhances volume
- Waterproof volume

This was mine first MJ mascara and i fell in love with this as it expands my lashes evenly. This product is waterproof and helps accentuate the bottom lashes evenly. The comb for this is easy to manoeuvre, helps to separate each lash. However as previously mentioned in MJ mascara have a formula that is quite hard to remove.
Price: $100hkd - around.
Likes out of 5 :

*(; Flutter away XD!!!!!

CMPang x

Disclaimer : The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and my opinions.


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  4. Great review! I've been meaning to try the Fairydrops mascara!

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