Saturday, 26 November 2011

Daiso Charcoal mask & OFOTD #1

Product Information.
Daiso Charcoal mask, it contains three main ingredients init. Obviously charcoal, water and fragrance. The charcoal in this is Activated charcoal which has high adsorptive powers which enable to draw out the impurities from the skin.

How to use
- Cleanse Face as usual and pat dry
- Apply layer of the product on to face
- Ensure that it doesn't get near your eyebrows/lips/eyes
- Wait for mask to dry (it should feel tight and no stickness)
- Peel off and you see the results
- Cleanse face with cold water to close pores
- Apply Moisturiser as usual
- Use once a week for best results.

My Impression
It my turn to apply this masks, that looks like i just came out from a explosion.. haha! 'sexy and i know it'

Honestly this was easier to apply on compared to the Activa mask. It easy to place onto to the skin, However removing this mask i was screaming like a B'tch. ! i either left it on too long or it just hurt whilst peeling this off. Compared to what Alvin said to me previously when appealing of the Activa Mask it didn't hurt at all. it stripped off my fines hair and left my face super super soft,so no pain no gain =,=".

- Super Cheap 5RM,
- Fun to play around
- Leaving skin super smooth
- Like seeing the gunk that comes out of face XD

- Hurts =0= whilst peeling
- Doesn't remove blackheads that well.

You be able to purchase this product on Ebay or the store.
Likes for this product out of 5 ;

Don't think i've done this before, so thought to show you guys what i wear in hot weather. To me it seems limited of clothes that you can't really go without which are shorts =0=!.I really should be using my camera to take pictures but forget half of the hot weather this is what i wear something simple. ! (: although i miss layering wearing my knits! T-T!

CMPang x

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