Thursday, 1 December 2011

November Favourites

Since being on this trip i've thought to start a favourites each month. As i have used these products nearly every day and i been loving these products. suitable for hot weathers and just does wonder for my skin.

Hada Labo Shiroyun Arbutin Milk

Loving this product, it makes my skin feel so smooth and reduces freckles and dark spots. Which is excellent as daaammn mosquito's bit my face ;(. The marks that it left has faded away when using this product

It contains vitamin C which is excellent for weather in Malaysia, as it will repair my dry and dull skin caused by sun exposure, containing hyaluronic acid which hydrates my skin very well.

Biore cleansing oil

since i left my Shu Uemura cleansing oil in Hong Kong. I was going to purchase another one but i thought to try out new products. so i decided too pick this up at local Watson in Malaysia.

This is a cheap effective way to remove all traces of my makeup including waterproof mascara. It also hydrates and soothes my skin containing various botanical extracts. It isn't as good as Shu Uemura as the smell is quite disturbing. Although since im in Malaysia i may try other products as well.


This is a life saviour; im sure many people that go to asia country may know this product as it is the instant cure from itching from the nasty blood sucking flies.

New best friend that i have to apply on my spots each nights which reduces itchiness which does wonder i guess.

Don't we all wish mosquito sucks fat instead of blood, ahh it be good!

Nail products

Mavala scientifique nail harder
a great products to mend splitting nails, flaking or soft nails become healthy and strong. Which i love and apply on before applying nail varnish and top coat.
essence matt top coat
Loving the matte finish these days, it transform my nails matte almost instantly

i love it. need say more (:

Laura Mercier Translucent powder

Love this product a lot, sets my make-up and does wonder and wouldn't budge. A little of this product goes quite along way.

It is a nice matte finish as sometime in the hot weather it makes your face dewy with the sweat anyway. (==)!

Oatmeal cleanser

This is actually so good, me and my boyfriend started using this. I heard good reviews about this as it is cheap and effective leaves my skin very soft. However the only down side for this it is messy which i really don't mind as i find it fun to use (:

The last product that i use is the shu-uemura facial mist product which i love as an instant pick me up. now i am on the search for more products that i may enjoy and love.

what your favourites in November?

CMPang x

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