Thursday, 3 November 2011

NOV 11 *

NOVEMBER : Something New.

This month is super exciting for me, as i am counting down for something special, which will be revealed later on.

I like to say thanks for the followers on my blog it may not be a lot but i am
thankful that you take time to read my reviews.

I am no beauty expert however i do enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on each

product, if you have any questions you can ask me via the comments on each blog or my formspring..

Make up ?

Clinique - Moisture Surge
Sephora - Perfecting cover foundation 28
Sleek - Face contour

Elf Brow kit
UD - Naked Palette
Sleek - The original
Fairy Drop Mascara
Proofit - Gel Liner
Princess Falsies

EOS - Honey Dew
Christian Dior - Rouge Accent 735

Lipstick can really change your appearance, i rarely wear such bright colours this was through trial and error. As i always find that youtube have great way to inspires me on what looks i can do (:

What tones of red colours you use?

CMPang x


  1. you look great with this red lip color on!!
    i wish red lipstick looked good on me. ;(

  2. You're so pretty =) I still can't believe that as a makeup enthusiast, I still haven't gotten the UD Naked Palette!

  3. Oh wow I love your hair in the first picture! Red lips look great you on, I'm always tempted to try red lipstick but I still need to find one that looks good on me :/ Oh and I gave you a blog award


  4. You look adorable! *A* I wish I looked 1/3 nearly as good as you do in red lipstick. Homg.

  5. Love the make up especially with that red lippie :)

  6. you're looking gorgeous as usual!! Cant wait to hear what all the excitements about =O

  7. Hehe thank you! I definitely agree that lipstick can change your appearance and you look great in bright lipsticks!

  8. I find that in the fall I'm wearing more dark colored clothes. I am also trying to work the bright lip color to add some life!

  9. I love your makeupppp! Heheh are you japanese?

  10. i love the lipss sexyyyy!!!

    <33 Sharlene

  11. hi there thanks for the comment cute pics btw,would love you to follow my blog if u like? btw I have Gucci giveaway if u haven't know!
    feel free to share it with your friends

  12. Can't wait for you to reveal what you're counting down (: Lovely makeup look. I agree abt the lipstick. I'm currently collecting different colours. So far, I have bright red, purple, black, rose, and brown. I need a nice coral or orange, and maybe even lavender if I can find one.

  13. so pretty!!!!!!!! i discovered now your blog and you, and i'm happy for this!!! so beautiful.. you have a new follower!!!
    i wait you on my page!

    Many hygs

  14. Ohhh I've recently been playing around with lipsticks too! I normally don't wear any, but I'm starting to find a love for bold colors. Probably because I've started wearing heavier eye makeup that my lips look so plain :P Red lipstick looks beautiful on you! I'm always so jelly of girls who pull off such bold color... Thank god for Michelle Phan's red lipstick tutorial video so I can at least figure out how to pick nice shades! :)

    Ohhhh what are you counting down to?? Don't make us wait too long! :))


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