Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Insta'Food (:


Malaysia is a place to find one of the finest cuisines as i mention previously, it honestly like heaven for those food lovers as food is ridiculously cheap and tasty. Although i may add majority of the food here does have the added MSG. even so i love it, although it not doing so good for my weight as my boyfie mum has mentioned i have gained weight =0=! admire the honesty though..

Since i've been here i have been taken to various of places to eat different types of food. honestly it shocks me i have been to the awkward location to eat food. The food here is honestly awkward in a sense as the food may not be presented to your expectation nor the place you would find yourself eating the type of food. honestly amazes each time when you find tasty food in the most random places.

Although since been here i couldn't resist to make the traditional bangers and mash for my boyfie and i, even he had no clue what it was when he heard what i said... which is quite true it sounds quite wrong (: but the simplicity sometime is the best. Anyway (: enough typing and here are the pictures of food that i have eaten, not all but majority.// hehe!

Sorry for lack of updates or replies to comments, I will keep on top of my posts soon.

Oh i thought to RANT about this. I don't know if it only just me but i find it awkward that it is Christmas season now, and i am in a HOT country and seeing Christmas decoration saying 'let it snow' which it won't snow in malaysia anyway? Which makes me miss the snow in England, and my knits as i mention again (=0=) and snuggling in duvet. hmmmm. That it (:

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What was the awkwardest food you've eaten?
CMPang x

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