Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 (:


So I apologise for neglecting blogging, i haven't really had the time to update or rather in the mood to update. The past month i was in Malaysia. Which was one of an experience as this was my second visit of last year. This time was to see someone special, eat the food and celebrate the new year there.

What Happened during end of 2011.

During the Christmas seasons i spent my time in Malaysia, beside seeing my special person i had to eat the cuisine there. As i mention in my previous blog the food is super nice and quite addictive, maybe consist too much MSG but beside the point it nice and made me gain weight=0=' . Whilst staying in the capital of malaysia KL, i visited Penang which was a good experience as it was my first time on Jet Ski's. The fun of that was breath taking it was just FUN.

I celebrated my first christmas in a foreign country, which wasn't Malaysia but taken a trip to Thailand -Hai Yai. My experiences there wasn't much of a different from Malaysia but i did enjoy my first Thai Massage and food massage. Also got hooked on drinking to Coconut juice as it is their produce, Which was fricking delicious only to know that it is fattening =0=!. Also spending the countdown in a tuk-tuk *(transport like a van in thailand) with blasting music.

New year was rather amazing, to spend that time with my special boy. Standing side by side watching fireworks and seeing people set of lanterns. It was a nice view and different from celebrating from inside clubs. Anyway enough typing i think some pictures are indeed needed (:

All the pictures that are taken from my Iphone, as i haven't actually uploaded photos from my camera. I hope you enjoy this entry with pictures, and hopefully you had a fabulous new year (:
OH and it actually been one year since i have opened this blog, honestly the new year resolution that i have made last year i have kept some. Which amazes me but the rest i am still working on, sometime i do feel pointless of making them but one of them is smile more be happy about life.

How was your New Year?
What your new year resolution?
CMPang x

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