Monday, 21 November 2011

The Reunion

Jet lagged; 24 Hours of travelling finally reaching my destination LCCT. Oh i was happy to get off that 14 hour plane and get my arms around my boyfie. I was super excited and couldn't wait and my boyfie so sweet greeted me with one of my all time fav drinks - starbucks green tea ice latte. Honestly when arriving in Malaysia from UK, my mind wasn't set that i am here. Reality didn't kick in till few days after.

Malaysia is known for their cuisine a food galore, me and my bofie decided to make a food list and one of them being madam chiam's chilli pan me with egg, which is super scrumptious orgasmic yummy and i wish to eat it every day. I forgotten to take my camera out with me ==' so using my phone to take pictures was pretty a bum. ●︿●

Left Image ;1 . Madam Chiam Pan Mee, Scrumptious (: | 2. Vingar Pork, Bak Kut Teh , Veg & Tofu | 3. Pork noodles.
Right Image; The pork was scrumptious however everything else in that picture was a bit below , as im used to gravy that is thickened, i thought that was watered down and it was tasteless.

Boyfie Time.

I actually should introduce him his name is Alvin, Anyway since Hong Kong Alvin wanted to purchase this hairspray he been after for a while and so we was set out to find a sasa and apparently there was one located in KLCC however to our disappointment there wasn't =0=. So instead we ended up in watsons, and he was asking me what Masks suites his skin type. Oh i felt like a beauty therapist or some sort that day.

Before introducing this mask that we bought, my boyfriend skin type is combination and oily skin. So in the end we ended up purchasing this product which i have no clue about but he willing to be my guinea pig hehe..!Quite funny enough my Alvin was asking me is there any product that is used like a 'pore strip' that can be applied to the face. I didn't get his idea then i realised he was on about peeling masks.

Activa - Double Action Double Miracle of white
Within this packet there are two masks

Product information

Black Peel off mask
-Penetrated into skin for optimum brightening results
-Draws out impurities, unclog pores, tackling blackheads comedo and dead skin cells that accumulated with melaning
- Moves Toxin from skin

Activa miracle Whitening mask
-Miracle white masque
-Clarify uneven skin tones, smoothen fine lines & wrinkles
- Protect the skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants

Black Peel of mask
My impressions

I applied this mask on for my boyfriend using my fingers, it looked like tar and was really gluppy applying all areas especially the tzone. The product dried up fairly quickly when applying and ensure that a right amount was applied on to the face. When applying this to face i actually couldn't wait till you peel it off.

After waiting 20 minute the product was fairly dry and when peeling off you can see afterwards there is impurities that have came out whilst peeling. which was pretty disgusting but interesting how much gunk he got in his face.

Brightening Mask
My impression

It reminds me of a my beauty mask, and there was a lot of formula in one packet. There was even a part for your eye which I kind of like as sometime brightening mask that doesn't brighten your eye area that will be left dark. Imagine how silly that would look.
After applying this mask for 20 minute, i helped him pat and massage the remaining formula in. Afterwards you can see a nice glow to his skin and appeared more soft.

Like out of 5 ;1/2
Price ; less than 10rm.

Overall combining the two products together is a nice combination, it quite convenient as you won't need to be going to the sink back and forth to wash your hands. However i must say the black peel mask is quite hard to apply and be must be careful if it gets any where =0=. Overall my boyfriend seemed impressed with the products. I wouldn't know if it has targeted his oily skin but over the few days i see a change to his skin which is always a good thing (:

Have you used any peeling mask before?
What facial masks do you use?
CMPang x

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