Thursday, 6 October 2011


British Born Chinese Tour Guide.!

Born as a Chinese in England people just subjectively think that you have travelled fair few places in England and know each tourist attraction to go to. However luckily I do like travelling and was being a tour guide for my friends. It was a pleasure to be friends tour guide in some sense as it gives me back memories when i was younger, visiting Yorkshire areas and London. However when people think of England they will automatically think of London attractions such as London Eye, Big Ben, Madam Tussauds & London Bridge etc. however off course there is more to that in England.

The past few days weeks been constantly travelling, even the taxi companies even know where i live which is pretty 'what the hell' since i've only been back at home for a week. however i'm sure most Brit's will know that there was beautiful weather before, until the drizzle came... These are the photo's from the trip.

M&M World, Omgeee. This place was so cute it was actually quite big which actually shocked me a little, however the smell in there was overwhelming the sweet sense of chocolate although slightly a bit too much made me a bit sickly. However i ensure that many people that visit this place will find it amusing with all the various range products they have to offer.

Madam Tussuads : This must be one of my excitements of the day.
I haven't been since i was 10 or maybe younger and this place just gave me nothing but memories (: as it just made me remember vaguely about what i saw. However no doubt i remembered the 'SCREAM' it was like the dungeons but much more lighter scare, even i was screaming.. =0=..

England honestly have more to offer, I went into my own town recently and I didn't even know that just in my little town have so much to offer there was tourist attraction left right and centre which is quite interesting. Although at times I do feel that England is such a boring place but i guess you can find entertainment in some places. just 'Google it' :) heeehee!! .

CMPang x


  1. cool photos:))

  2. haha I know what you mean! ive lived here all my life and only just started exploring places because of my foreign friends haha


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