Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ideal Dates.

What is your ideal date?

BEFORE starting this topic about ideal dates, i should state what i feel that isn't acceptable for a date in my opinion...As for significant day or first date is something that goes along the lines of shopping, visiting the cinema and have a meal together. As i feel these things isn't anything exciting nor interesting to do with your other half as this can be done on a normal day and with friends. 

Ideal dates for me is something that is spontaneous, romantic or active. As these dates will enable you to understand the other person/partner better and create memorable memories together. As for me i have been taken away as my other half has surprised me with 
his date and i have surprised myself for planning a has been the first for us both and it has been rather one of a kind experience. I like to share my experience with you girls and boys! .. 

12.12.12 His Plan. 
This date was planned by him, it was romantic evening spent together and spending quality time together and getting to know each other. We went on a boat tour on one of the traditional Chinese junk,  sailing through the harbour viewing the famous sites of Hong Kong, watching sunset together and watching the city light shine. It was interesting and cosy experience, it was really relaxing to sail through the harbour cuddling each other. This was a special experience and occasion for both of us as we never have tried this as we thought it was such a touristy thing to do however too our surprise it was interesting experience and we spent great time together. After he took me to this restaurant, although it was rather expensive and the food wasn't great however the ambience i guess made up for it... however genuinely this date was a success as he swept me of my feet for me to say yes to being his girlfriend.... "Happy days" (:...

12.01.13 My Plan. 
This is date which was planned by me, as i never planned dates before it was an interesting experience as i was clueless on what to do at first but after i generated a lot of idea's. The idea that i have chose at the end was visiting a farm, this was an active date with different activity. It was fun as there were various of activities which included feeding animals, catching fish, riding horse and going strawberry picking.It was a rather active date we was very tired after as we did a lot of walking and it was great to get back with our inner child being a big child again...after that we went for a nice meal at a restaurant i booked, with a nice scene and the service was great...

This was my planned date and i feel it ended very well although we was very tired, it gave us time to talk to each other and experience the same things. It was a great getaway from the busy lives of Hong Kong, it was relaxing and refreshing to experience this.....


Wall of date idea's. 

Generally i feel that dates are suppose to be fun and spontaneous or entertaining and nothing boring or the usual. As you can save going to cinema etc on your casual days. As special dates should be something fun for both you and your partner or gf/bf to be. As for me and my other half we have generated a wall full of dating ideas, we are aiming to complete at least one each week or when we have time and when we finish we will take a instax picture showing evidence we complete it like a challenge/task for both of us... Happy Dating Girls/Boys... 

What your ideal date?


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