Sunday, 7 August 2016

Just a change.

Where do i begin?

Happy belated 2016, I haven't been on here for a while... well that partially a lie, i have wrote blogs but not really posted them haha. This year is my fourth year in Hong Kong, i am surprised i am still here and survived to tell the story....

Hong Kong is a city that really does grow on you the vibrant life style the lavish ways and the cheap street food. I guess there isn't a place that i've travelled to that is quite like Hong Kong. Although saying this i've come to a point in my life that i do ask a question is this a place where i want to remain? Do i want to travel else where? What benefit has this place for me?

Hong Kong is the city of lights, which actually is a city that never sleeps hence lights are on in offices etc. This place is rather fast pace that sometime i don't think i can even keep up with life, it can become pretty hectic, with the streets filled with people rushing to places. I guess i'm lucky that i live away from the city area, saying this though i don't even think sometime i have personal time to think because i have to utilise that time to sleep. I think ever since moving to here my dark circles has become noticeably worse as my mother says. I've barely got more than eight hours sleep unless i am ill.

So far... 

This year has been quite an emotional roller coaster, I guess everyone at the beginning of the year will have some expectation. People set goals, achievements and resolution to complete before the year ends, and there is me? I haven't really put anything in stone but too enjoy life. That being said though these two simple words is deemed quite difficult in Hong Kong to have a work balance and personal time to enjoy what you do.

Nevertheless so far.... I've been on several Hikes, a place where i can actually found inner peace and pushed outside my comfort zone to reach them places. The places i've been are just breath taking. I've met some new friends and rekindled old friendship. I quit my job and changed a career direction. Met family members that i haven't seen in a long time and generally trying to be happy.

The change...

From 2015-2016 I guess it is a time to reflect. What i've learnt and still learning is to control my emotions, it kind of sounds silly but sometimes i rush into things rationally and impulsively. Making friends with the wrong people, i mean everyone deserves a chance and sometimes i get vulnerable and it's true mistakes are made but i've always said never failure always a lesson. This was taught from a girl once was my closet friend. Everything i do i need to stop and think about it, saying this its a on-going lesson as sometime i can hurt people simply because my mouth is quicker than my brain and say things without a thought process, whether it's i'm under alcohol influence or my emotions.

This year has been a big stepping stone for me, i've completely changed field. This took a lot of courage and to step out of my comfort zone, from a peaceful 8-5pm work monday - friday, and added a very stable income to now an some what unstable schedule, environment and income. However saying this it is something that i wanted to do for awhile, and right now in probation period but the few days i've been working it has been thrilling and fun to engage with all walks of life in Hong Kong.

People that have met now or known me for years has expectation of me that i can achieve things. Honestly i don't have faith in many things and when they believe i can do it, it is a great honor. I guess in my heart that i don't want to fail and i step up to the challenge and it's my ego that drives me to do this.

So its true people change for two reasons: 
Either they learned a lot or they've been hurt too much.

CMPang x 

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