Monday, 23 November 2015

Dear Me,

I wonder how you really are? you seem so happy, cheerful and you let off a vibrant vibe when people meet you but i know... you aren't like that, your mind is twisted with thoughts that you are slowly trying to unravel. You will have them moments when your in crowds everyone is pumping and with joy and you see the genuine smile but you... you will come to some halt like a music video and watch everyone surround yourself with joy whilst you are their dwelling and being all sentimental and shit.

You ask yourself so often that why were you introduced to the word love? but love is inevitable you will love your family and friends, but this word always seemed to be thrown around so easily... You are a hopeless romantic and when it comes to relationship you just don't quite know how to handle it. You, you really need to pick yourself up and just focus on yourself... no matter how many times you've told yourself you haven't quite got the grasp of that.  Remember to love yourself, you need to focus on you.

You act so impulsively, when it comes to relationship... remember that when two people like each other it can just be that an solely that it won't transform into a relationship that you have pictured in your head. You've put such pressure on yourself that you lose yourself in thought, you drown yourself with "if" thoughts. You need to wake up and understand that 'what if' doesn't happen... you need to get your act together and feel less. Yes Feel less...but don't be ruthless and rude about it just learn to accept that this is life.

Remember what your comfort zone is to just type what you feel,  it doesn't matter if the whole world can see your feeling. You don't need to care so much just do what makes you feel happy?
Just post them post that has been on draft for the longest time, you will feel better... I don't want you to trap your feelings inside because i know you don't discuss everything single details with your friends and you would do it in your mind. But don't worry your friends won't judge they are there to support you give you in advice, you know who they are and you can rely on them...

Remember; focus on yourself and let yourself free.
don't dwell on the past and let things go..
Smile, and try to look at love from a different perspective.
Just remember sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows..

Love yourself,

Cmpang x

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