Monday, 28 September 2015

Social Platforms - Relationship.

How do you feel about social platforms?

Social platforms can be anything from anything you just directly post any information of yourself to the internet. The most popular social platform would be Facebook, as everyone in today society there isn't many people that don't use it. However there are fewer people nowadays that will oppose to the ideas of these social platforms as the more you post about yourself the confidentiality of yourself is disclosed to the public anywhere around the world. 

There are many apps for smart phones these days, living in Hong Kong it is inevitable that you would download a fair few. Popular ones such as Instagram, Wechat, Tinder, OKcupid, Skout and a recent one 17. These social platform are initially to find a potential person or just for casual dates. However nowadays with so much temptation around a lot of people would download to see who or what there is to offer, disregards of their relationship status. 

Relationship to me is a huge deal, i am some what you would call a hopeless romantic. However being in a country like Hong Kong,  relationship is very hard to come... i would always stay by seeing is believing but that quite naive in this country. I always have the best thought of someone, that they won't do any harm... I mean everyone would like to fall in love and hopefully that person would love you back hopefully without lies. 

However that isn't the case with all these temptation in this country there are a fair few that are in relationship yet still use these app. You can call it cheating? exciting? disrespectful? wrong? .. in my eyes yes it is disrespectful and off course who in acts in this doesn't really love their other half as they claim. you can say they just searching for other options i mean non are married, however before downloading these apps surely they would have a motive. 

As a users of some of these apps, i guess you should think of how the person on the receiving end would feel. It is a harsh world, you don't always get what you want and it would be painful to see that if someone falls for someone that is in a relationship and using these apps, and only to get their heart broken from someone that actually isn't even trust worthy. 

However i do have another theory, maybe that these people are really insecure with themselves and want another re-insurance from the other sex. If not then they are greedy and disgustingly selfish to enjoy the pleasure of one, two or three encounters. lying manipulative people that does this i don't wish well for them, as one day truth will prevail and sometime maybe it isn't the other person you hurt but yourself. Once the excitement has exceeded its limit how can you deal with yourself going back to your partner and feel no guilt no remorse, even more hurting another person. 

I'm sure not all bad things will happen with these social platform, I do believe that there is good that comes out of it. I mean there can't be that many bad people out there right? Although through these you can't really grasp their personality just through pictures, talk and exchange of words through apps. Meeting is the key, getting to know them and if you want out then you are entitled to it. 

Social platforms are inevitable with technology growing wide and more apps would be available it hard to resist these temptations...its part of society and we are society. 

Cmpang x 

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