Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Get Away.

Belated Post

This was my first Asia Country that i have visit other than Hong Kong, As flying from Hong Kong i keep hearing people say it is cheap to fly to other asia country such as Taiwan, Thailand etc, So this summer i decided to have a get away from Hong Kong to Malaysia this summer.The place that i went to was Kuala Lumpur the Capital of Malaysia.

My expectation of Malaysia was quite different to what i expected. There culture there was quite different to what i may be used to, on top of that the activities that i have each day was very different.This visit i stayed at my friend place, she was my host and this gave me a really good insight of how Malaysian Chinese live.

This visit has really opened my eyes, as they have different lifestyle from being vibrant going out each night or going to having drinks with friends and a nice catch up every other night at coffee shops. The life style was quite relaxing compared to Hong Kong, as it was a slower pace which i enjoyed after being in a month in Hong Kong.

The shopping over there is great, the beauty products over there i found it cheaper than Hong Kong. Also i found that everyone there is quite on trend with style. There club life style is fun and it is enjoyable only acception of this is smoking in clubs which i didn't like. As i was scared of getting burnt when dancing. The plus of this trip i got to scuba diving and swim with fishes it was amazing experience and i enjoyed it all.

The places that i have visit in Malaysia include;
Kuala Lumpur | Malacca | Chang Kat | I-city | Redang | Night Market |
Bukit Bintang | Bangsar | Genting | Zouk | Rootz | Sky Bar | Alor Street

The best thing i enjoyed about this trip was the food. There is so much different cuisine and types of food it amazes me. Honestly i was eating like a maniac, ''gaining weight'' urghhh but honestly it was totally worth it. I'm a food lover and i love trying different types of food. It kind of shocked me how much rice i have eaten, as mem i prefer noodles over rice. I must of eaten more bowls of rice on this trip than i do in a year. It like i became some sort of ''rice bucket''.

Malaysia is a great place to visit very ideal for food lovers or maybe for those that like to visit a developing country. If people decide to visit here i would suggest you to eat your heart out and join a gym when you get back. This was only a limited places that i have visit on this trip, i would love to visit other places in this country. Overall i really enjoyed my experience in Malaysia, this is a place i will definite re-visit soon.

Would you visit this country?
If have visited where did you go and your experience?

CMPang x

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