Sunday, 6 November 2011

A place named.

Belated Post

Hong Kong is a place that i have constantly travelled since i was young. It is a place that i will visit over again, as i will visit my family over there and it packed with a fun life. Well each time i do visit is Summer and this is when all my friends will visit as well and some how have reunite in Hong Kong. As Everything just simply so convenient, As i living in UK it makes things sometime impossible or takes ages to travel to places to places -0-*!

A great plus for Hong Kong, shopping seems endless i always seem to find something i want each day, as everything i feel is affordable. There are many things to do in this country considering it is the size of London or smaller .''OHH! *fact there'' !


Hong Kong life style is packed with things to do, it is busy at all hours. However the most relaxing time where you can take time to stop and think is early hours of Hong Kong.
The only cons about Hong Kong is the people attitude sometime it is so rude, however other than that if you are planning to go to Hong Kong enjoy it..

i am a girl that loves to travel to places, and this is a place that i don't think i ever get bored of as each visit it excites me, as i know there will be something new waiting ahead. This was the most memorable holiday, as through this holiday i know friends are priceless. Friend travelling over 6000 miles to celebrate my birthday with me. I can't express my love for them, but im sure they know as the tears i have when seeing them. The surprise of my life! ..

Would you travel to Hong Kong?
What your experience of Hong Kong?
CMPang x

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