Saturday, 15 October 2011

Artificial Relationship


An feeling towards someone that is unreal but you enjoy being around, to the point that when you have to leave you cant resist but to stay. This can be acting fake around someone to gain someone trust, to gain friends or maybe because your lonely trying to be compatible with people you want to blend with.

Social network creates artificial relationship between people, be serious who is going to actually know over 1000 friends and understand their personality or even remember their names. People these days are hooked in social networking website and basing it around reality. Please get back to reality, as those feeling of them people asking you questions and assuming they care about you, honestly probably 1 in 10 of your 1000 friends will.

However in my opinion the worst type of artificial relationship, is people using people in a relationships/friendship, in order to gain popularity? money? power?. It actually shows how scary these people are, how much effort they will spend to do such things, in order to gain success.

Be grateful for your real friends around you
cherish people that you are with. (:

CMPang x


  1. thanks for the comment,come back anytime to check out my blog

  2. thanks for your comment following you :)
    I agree over the years ive learnt that there are alot of people on my fb who are not my real friends that the artificial friendships arent very nice and i sunk as low as to try be friends with them without realising they had bad mouthed me. Ive learnt to care about only the people who mean something to me in my life who arent horrible to me and who accept me for who iam. Doesnt matter if u dont have 1000 friends its the real ones that count. :)

  3. Too true! In fact I often go through my friends list and start deleting people....sometimes too easily lol


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