Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dolly Eye

Dolly Eye Sugar Candy Violet

Dolly eye has a quite a wide range of contact lenses that are available, I have used this brand before and have feel comfortable repurchasing. However i don't usually opt to purchase Violet contact lenses as it looks unnatural and doesn't normally go well with outfits i wear and make up. However i thought to try these as looking at the pictures online they seem unique, and hey it not bad to try new things i guess (:

Dia : 14.5mm
B.C : 8.6mm
Water content : 38%
Replacement period : 12 months

Honestly when i saw is it looks quite big compared to previous contacts as the diameters i normally purchase is 14.2mm. The enlargement is really obvious and the difference you can see in the picture (although i think my eye look scary XD). The colour it self isn't that obvious although asking friends they say it looks blue/violet. However it makes my eyes look more awake, and cantonese word 'Jing Ling'. Which i totally don't know the translation for that (-9-)!. but yeah (:!! .. overall im happy with the colour, as it subtle and can wear every day. If people want a more outstanding colour i suggest check out the other dolly eye range (:

out of 5 (:

Maybe my skin tone is quite dark so it isn't as obvious on my eyes and the complex. Overall i recommend to purchase this product. However sorry to say i purchased these contact lens in malaysia through a friend, along with many others. However you should try these website, there delivery pretty quick (:

what contact lens have you tried?
maybe a change of colour is good..(:
CMPang x

Disclaimer : The product that i am reviewing is purchased with my own money and my opinions.


  1. I've been actually wanting to experiment with circle lens lately lol so this post was helpful. They definitely make your eyes look bigger! (A wakening effect is always nice :]) Nice to hear that it's a subtle color for everyday. I'll keep it in mind. Keep in touch! <3


  2. so cute! i love it :)

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  3. they really suit you! I really wish I could put contacts in, but it never happens for me :( boo!

  4. I have never seen these kind of contacts til now.! Ooo la la! Looks great on you! :)

  5. Your eyes look so cute! I've never tried circle lenses before! I have been thinking of getting some for the longest time!

  6. this looks really pretty on you! I love the color!

  7. Wow. You look really pretty in these lenses.

  8. ohh, those lenses look lovelyy in your eyes :)

  9. really pretty. and the lens bottle looks cute!

  10. how much u bought it? ><


  11. Really pretty!! I'm not a huge fan of circle lenses but they look great on you! :)

  12. nice blog! this looks great :D


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