Saturday, 6 August 2011

no result.

have you ever experienced liking someone, but at the end either of you know the end result...
liking that someone, experiencing new concept of romance, unexpected feeling and at the end falling more deeply for that person than expected. Are these things under yourself control or was it just something that you may long to do as that feeling hasn't existed before, or yet you longed for that feeling for a while..

have you experience when two liking each other but is restricted by time, but within a short period of time the relation developed however both knew the result and in the end so won't start. knowing the end result yet carrying on further with the relation, thinking at the end it be okay as the time was spent was short and be easily faded, but that where everything begins.where trying to let the feeling fade, hurt to just reminiscence the feeling..

As at the end you know that everything is confined by distance.

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