Saturday, 6 August 2011

Holiday Romance

have you ever been on holiday and bargin more than you asked for?

Travelling to some where that you never been before, meeting that special person that caught your attention. as maybe you never met someone like this before and the attraction just brings you closer throughout the holiday, however is it a good thing?

Holiday romance is it something that shouldn't be dwell on? or is it something that should be just cherished and reminiscing the beautiful scenes that was captured in your mind between you and that special romance is classified as what happens on holiday remains there, as the distance is the issue if anything further is taken into account...however if this romance extended to something else...

what happen next?

you find yourself thinking about the other person, as this may become unfamiliar to you as the buzz should of worn off... you may constantly thinking it is more than what you expected or even pursuing a long distance relationship but this comes with don't see each other after a few months and difficult to celebrate special occasion....

what do you think of holiday romance?

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