Monday, 8 August 2011


reality hits you... when you love someone and that person doesn't feel the same.

what should you do?

Learning to let go, learning that it maybe the better option to let that person loose. instead of being persistant in wanting that person to stay by you, wanting that person to be with you every step of the way... just letting go of that person, this maybe the best option for both of you..if it is meant to be maybe one day it would..

as i learnt that letting someone go, doesn't mean you love them less or is what the best for both of you, allowing each other with more opportunities in life..not to corner them off with one choice. not to let them think that this is how it suppose to be.

Even if you think it best for you, even if you think it best for them... the safe option is let loose, even if that person say that your the person that they loved the most, but for others some certain words get your sensitive side, such as 'rather die than be with you'... even so that doesn't change your opinion, it may change their heart to move on to another person. if you love that person you should allow them to pursue their happiness and be happy for them. after all sometime love can be pointed in many direction.. and this maybe the most beneficial way..

love, it can be something that you wish for you want to earn.
but in the end fate or reality decide for it self.

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