Wednesday, 8 June 2011

7 hours forward

time ticking faster than home.

My sleeping pattern have really become really messed up... is it that Hong Kong have a lot to do and the shops are opened till really late means that in general you sleep later. BUT it is true as my friend indicated that i am missing the morning/afternoon life of HK and it has made me quite lazy person, flying people plane is something that i dislike doing but due to tiredness it made plans that originally organised go hay wire.

Hong Kong is a place that is full of life and somehow anything can happen, the views are breath taking at any hour of the day. Hong Kong people say to me their nothing to do in HK but for me their is plenty and much more to explore if only just i get my sleeping pattern adjusted? as now it is 05:18. CRAP still awake...

Night Night all (:

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