Monday, 6 June 2011


....what the rush?

Hong Kong, beautiful view every minute of the day the rapid changes.
i've been in Hong Kong exactly a week now, and i haven't updated my blogspot in ages, the feeling being in HK is quite surreal as everyone so busy around you rushing to places, barging past you as if your in a competition to the race line. I guess being a BBC my attitude towards life is relax and don't make life so complicated...

The mind of HK people still haven't changed much, as people are still very conservative. I say this as my opinion as i haven't done much shopping in HK, and i'm still wearing UK clothes? (if that makes sense) i won't say them revealing but their is exposure of breast..walking out on the street with these type of clothes is like walking a cat walk all eyes on you...
Female - will look at you like - what is she doing?
Male - Drool, BREAST..!!
(well off course not all female/male, but i'm just saying generally )

But all in general i'm having a good time so far, just need to tune my sleeping pattern back.

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