Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Trying again?

what would you do to gain someone trust?

gaining someone trust is hard, especially when you broke it... a topic that i came across recently is people wanting to get back with their ex's. Gaining an Ex's trust is can be straightforward or complex, it will cost you an arm and a leg to gain trust from your Ex's? each step takes patient and effort to let your past understand that you have changed....

Trying again - If i was anyone i will ask myself what makes you want to be back with your Ex's, as to me is at all cost and all means, if you want to get back with your significant other... you should let down your mask, express to the other half your feeling. however things that should be avoided is telling that you love them over and over again, telling that you have changed, acting depressed or being manipulative. off course these tricks may work but it just shows that your acting on one sided view...

Trying again really means?
Well you should ask yourself would the relationship be genuine?
What type of relationship would it be and how long would it last?
Are you willing to be patient at beginning gaining the trust?

If you having a dilemma, thinking should you risk my opinion i would say yes there is no harm in trying to get back with someone you love. As at the end if you are rejected you can say at least you try to gain..

after all it hard to find someone that love each other in this world.

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