Saturday, 21 May 2011


3 years of uni is this enough?
education, makes me think has it got the better of me...or worse

as soon as people move on an adapt to uni life, everything before seems such a mystery? the friends you had the people you hang around with, seem so different now. Is uni suppose to be like this? changing your friendship groups, because soon as you move away to another city you adapt to the place, meet new friends and sometime people forget about the ones before.

As i realised heading back to my own city, i have so little reason to go out meeting my 'friends' as everyone has changed and adapted to a new lifestyle, each time i go back it seems that many people have made new friendship groups.

it is true that year by year you become distant to your previous friends, and you move on... is this acceptable? as i realised now that my previous friends, as harsh as it sound is irrelevant to my lifestyle now and sometime just don't need them... meaning? were there friends at all...

all i can say is we had good times. but it ends there.

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