Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dosage of life?

medicine of reality. have you taken your dosage?

Treasure and cherish everything that happened with your close one, as year by year there are people that will leave and enter their new reality. it part of growing up it part of nature, however what hit me recently is DAM people change so quickly, is it a mask? how people can turn from hot to cold, how people can be so out of the ordinary. is it because their afraid of their reality.

i wish their was a medicine that will just show people their true colours.


  1. For me, I only stay close to those people in my life that I consider as my comfort zone. If I am ever in doubt, and the people that I am around make me 'uncomfortable' or my colours cannot shine because of them.. I know immediately they are not people i want in my life. To be honest, time goes so fast these days.. I rather spend it with those I love and respect.. rather than waste my time dwelling on the ones that aint worth the energy!

    I agree, people change.. whether for the good or for the worse.. its whether you can adapt to it or not.. or simply if they are worth getting use to.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching.. I just totally get where you are coming from :)


  2. Paula,
    don't worry i don't take things offensively, but sometime if you ever in doubt the best option sometime isn't to leave, you should give a chance to understand someone point of view or someone in general. making a decision so rationally or immediately you may miss an opportunity, even thou days goes fast these days but sometime, just sometime days are all it takes to understand someone. (: . but hey everyone got their point of views right (:

    cmpang. (:


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