Friday, 13 May 2011

comfort zone.

What is your comfort zone, where does this end?

revisiting my old blog, i was put out of my comfort zone haven't visited it since 3 years ago. Just couple weeks ago re-reading my old blog i realised how much memories and effort i placed into each post.

posting blog doesn't only jots what you done that day but your feelings towards certain issues.
however as i said placed me out of my comfort zone, the memories did belong to me but the people i mentioned in my blog are distance from me. people change and mature about certain issue, reading my blog i realised that how much people change....

comfort zone doesn't only mean the people you are with, the place you are at but even reading certain things can make you feel awkward and sadden. although i do miss the innocent me that didn't know much, and it is true what i wrote previously on my post when i look back i will know how silly i was. i am happy to say that blogging is an efficient way of jotting down your feeling and it something to look back on for future reference to see how you developed to see how you changed to someone maybe better or worst? but this is all down to opinion and your own judgement of life.

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