Friday, 13 April 2012



I have finally have time too update,I am currently located at Hong Kong. I have decided to move to Hong Kong and try and survive here. Well since I'm updating here I have survived so far.... hehe*

Moving from UK to Hong Kong in such a short period of time it got my nerves going in a twist,
would I be able to survive in HK since i only come here only to play and shop. However luckily for me, my friends has pushed me and motivated to find jobs as soon as possible as I felt left out of the circle. Luckily one company have offered me a job and I looking forward to it, as currently I feel like a useless person just staying at home catching up on drama and going out ==!

However i will continue to Blog or Youtube when i have time, i think i will start with doing monthly Favourites on what products I like, any suggestions from you guys?...


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