Saturday, 22 October 2011

Beauty Product.

How would you describe it?
Beauty can come from within, or can it come from products we use.

What is true beauty ?
Beauty is something i can't really get a grasp of. Is beauty when a person doesn't wear make up or apply products to themselves. As many may heard of inner beauty is most beautiful thing as the heart can represent beauty.

Why buy ?
Have you ever question yourself why you buy so much beauty products, is this to please yourself or to impress and please others. As Beauty products can enhances your appearance and features, giving yourself more confidence. Although i do feel that people are getting brain washed and influenced through magazine, artists and advertisement.

Including myself as Over years I realised have accumulated a lot of beauty products, from make up, cleanser, masks etc. However no matter how much i have, i have no idea why i have the urge to try new products. I guess maybe sometime you try to find a product that more effective than the previous. As for me i purchase beauty products to enhance my appearance and also finding product to improve my skin texture, As there is a saying there is no ugly women there is only lazy....

I do believe purchasing/using beauty product should be for your own purpose, and not get influenced by others. As you should never feel pressured to impress someone by applying over dose of make-up or spend so much money on beauty products. As the person you are impressing should like you for who you are and not for what you mask yourself with, just remember don't go out of your boundary to do so as it waste of time and money.

This made me wonder now-a-days does beauty mean anything pleasing to the eye?.

Why do you buy beauty products?

CMPang x


  1. awww..this is a nice post. :D hmm.. why do I buy beauty products? one thing's for sure.. it's the only thing that makes me happy and relieves my stress. <3

    P.S. I followed your blog via GFC hope you can follow back <3

  2. i love buying beauty products~ lol just lookin at them makes me feel happy ^^

  3. I love all your products! :D
    It really makes me miss hauling in Hong Kong at Sasa on cute,and pretty beauty products :)
    Love your blog header too.
    It also seems like you have travelled to a lot of places, you should come to Australia =D

  4. Omg so many products ! <3

    I like buying beauty products, becoz, beauty isn't achieved without any effort.

  5. Great reasons to buy beauty products! Instead of having inner beauty, women should also take care of their appearance in these days.

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