Monday, 4 July 2011


In your life how many chances do you have?

one, two, three.... and so forth.

i wish that i had that chance that we could be, yet all i know we are just strangers...
if there is if, i want that chance for forgiveness to experience the wonders of life again
my brain cells are dying just to think of the words you expressed...
as each tear drip seeing our photos made me realize that i'm still living in the past,
not letting go, not moving on. have i just stayed to them days have i matured or is this a lie..

i want my happiness back, i want to believe that i can do this....
i loved you and i still say i'm making a fool out of myself.
but loving someone is it really a foolish thing to do?
happiness is placed at the palm of your hand, all you want to do is grasp it and not let go..
a chance to remember what we have, a chance to embrace that we loved.
as in this world it is hard to find someone that love each other...
as i remember the words you said..

' you loved me the most yet hate me the most'
' i rather die than be with you'

if only just my heart will believe this....
as i know that i won't give up. if i wasn't that stubborn.
if... if... if...
i didn't take them chances for granted.

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