Tuesday, 1 March 2011


What defines a relationship?
This is an subject that takes ages to acknowledge and understanding.
in society many people come across different types of relationship.
as me relationship between friends? family? and your other half.

what actually defines a relationship in my opinion?
a relationship with anyone, i feel that you shouldn't expect anyone to be responsible for your happiness, as you have to accept yourself and pursue what you think is right. As i believe love yourself first before loving others...life is that selfish? yes it is.

Relationship has different forms I feel that these sentence conceal it in my opinion.
"You know when your in one, as the two are the creator of your own world"
"Developing feeling, creating a vision of what is love"
"Describing Love is equivlient to 1000 emotions"

have you ever looked back and regretted a relationship?
never regret anything that happened, never allow hatred to appear.
as through out a relationship will make you understand and grow.
understanding where you went wrong within that relationship
and the next you will be do better for the next.....

Hate - is a word that i doubt i will use in my life, it takes far to much effort to hate someone than to forgive, hating someone is remembering what that person once did, forgiving is allowing yourself another option to choose what to do.......

Love - This word i will use to my close friends and family, and if so my partner. Love isn't what it means anymore... you can love someone in a 1000 ways but to each person it differs, Love is something you know and feel when the time is right.....understanding is the main key of love...

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