Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Social Network website isn't reality.
you can be superior all you like.
you can use words to get other people down.
but at the end of the day i wonder who actually cares?

recently i came across the questions that was asked by annoyomous on my formspring, it showed hatred but what does this person gain... typing such things doesn't really put me down, instead it gives myself a power & motivation to do better than others that are out their that are set out put me down.

i find it funny how people are set out their to destroy other image? saying how bad, how imperfect him/her is am but not caring about personailty? some people these days are becoming really shallow. only seeing through images and judging what type of person they are, and not understanding them. we all human? who wants to be talked about? we all have feeling?

everyone has their imperfection, so why judge others? work on your own first..

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