Thursday, 17 March 2011


..this can become an sensitive topic but this is interesting what people think and even though many people say they don't categorise their friends but sub-consciously they are,, as there can be formed with many category such as "hi-bye friends" and "Good friends".

Do you categorise your friends?
Reason why i do so is because in this world you are guarantee that not everyone you meet you will like, and not everyone can be your close friend. I select and choose friends as this sounds harsh and the amount of arrogance there are in these sentence you do want a good friend that you can trust and look back and say "reminiscence of the good times" close friends will always stick by you where as others wouldn't..

Friend Definition.

Hi-Bye Friend : These friends are people that you will walk passed and say hi/bye? simple enough.
Uni Friends : These are only when you need help in academic areas who you will go to
Sole Friends : Someone that is similar to you that can place your life too.
Social Network Friend : Based online that you won't normally see on a daily basis exception the internet.
Using Friends : when some friend use other to get where they want.

note: there many category that can be listed, however not one friend can be based on one category it can be a mixture of many...

To be fair....
in life you will come across different type of personality and characteristic, good and the bad my general words are be selective and be socialising is in our nature and you will meet and greet some but each person that does come along just respect opinions and facts.. if not the right friend there no need to mock or hate... just leave and ignore :)

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