Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 3

Your idea of the perfect first date..

i don't believe their such thing called perfect, but i often do think how dates should be. i go by don't want it to be something usual such as walk the street, eat at a restaurant and watch a movie. this is something typical seen in movies.. i believe a first date should be full of sweet memories and leave a good image of the him/her in your mind. first date is important as it getting to know each other.

my imagination flows from a simple first date can be a stroll in a park or if beach, to get to know each other... or something more energetic like visiting amusement park then relax at a coffee shop.. as previously i said not to eat a restaurant is going to a place to cook dinner together to see how compatible each other is together. i guess i like a bit of creativeness for a perfect first date.

time is always a key , if not perfect first try try and try again.

1 comment:

  1. The best first dates are at one or others house, somewhere calm and relaxing. cook a meal together and talk to the early hours. watch the sun come up wrapped in a blanket and say nothing cuz u'll feel all that needs to be said.


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