Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February 2018

Dear February;

Surprisingly it's been a amazing month and i can't deny. I had pretty much a month away from work since unpleasantly there was an school outbreak of flu's across the board in Hong Kong for kindergarten school which is unfortunate. However it really helped me grow as a person to understand my needs and wants. Oh and the most excited thing i've ticked of several items on my checklist and i'm excited to see the progress of it all. 

Finally processed my renewal passport and hey hit the gym for the first time since like 9 years ago. Aims are to get rid of the flabbiness around my belly and just tone up, also hoping for swimming pool to open up soon so i can get my tan and workout more. What are the highlights of this month, hmmm first thing first received balloons for valentines day! Going to Jumbo again for Chinese New Year... it just been a very enjoyable chill month! (:

Cmpang x 

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