Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Time to reflect.

Two years i have been living in Hong Kong, this relationship that i have developed with this country is one of a kind. I remember two years ago i embarked on this journey and not thinking much but just purchasing the ticket and going. Not knowing what may lay ahead and not knowing what my future would be, but just to fled away from my homeland.

Hong Kong is a place that i said to myself numerous of time whilst growing up is a place i wouldn't work in. Hong Kong is just a place where i will let of steam and stress each summer of my youth, a place where i will play, social and spend money. Hong Kong to me before was just a huge playground that i wouldn't get bored of visiting each year.

Living in Hong Kong now has become more different, from the time where i can stay up to dawn and not worry about anything. I am aiming to get to bed early to prepare for work the next day. In some sense i followed HK steps where sometime i do feel work has tied me down, But i couldn't be happier as i'm working with children and i enjoy it.

Surely there are times that I just want to move back to England, However when i visited two weeks ago my feeling towards the place became distance. I felt the only things I inherit from this place is my culture difference with Hong Kong and being open minded. Nevertheless it was enjoyable and happy to surprise my family and indulge in the food and also shopping...

The two years, definitely learnt to become more independent and friend connections are one of the most important thing...even having family in Hong Kong sometime even the closes one too you, you can't rely on. I am happy that friends make up for that and cherish and treasure the moments with them as they have become type of family.

I felt that there is a new sense of freedom, to choose what i want to do with my life and what i want to pursue, to travel with no restrictions and to enjoy the moment. Also asking for help which isn't a bad thing, sometime to swallow your pride and give in to ask about some simple task where i wouldn't think much about back home.

I will not know what my future will hold,  how long i will be in here... However for now i enjoy my life, cherishing the moments. I will finish this post with the pictures...

It had been an awesome 2013/2014... I hope this continues! 

Cmpang x 

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