Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hey boys and girls !

How long has it been since I have visited here....

Well I come back with good news, I have passed my probation and I am a full time worker now in Hong Kong teaching students. I am actually very happy and lucky for my job I have right now and enjoy it very much even though it does get a little repetitive and tiring, as a lot of energy is used...

However the children really keep me motivated there smile is just a touch to the heart, they inspire you a lot and it makes me miss my child hood memories. It is true when you are older you wish to be young,, and when you young you wish to be older. Life curiosity makes everything more exiting.

Recently what I have been doing beside working, I have been too many events and social activities meeting new friends and expanding social networks. I realised that here social networks is quite important well i guess any place is.


Everyone please meet my cute puppy...


  CMPang ♥   

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