Sunday, 5 February 2012


Is this a good or a bad thing?

It great for those that have low self esteem to have some ego, but it annoying for those that think to highly of themselves. Well im sure you know that already.....

Do you think that it is possible that if someone says they don't like you, but secretly do because of there ego is too high that they can't just go down to a standard to say they do.... The past few weeks i have constant thoughts in my mind that if someone still likes another but can't let go of themselves or people around them and their thoughts doesn't this in fact hurt them selves, the thought of not allowing them to give themselves a chance.

Sometime in life you should swallow your pride to allow yourself a chance. A chance maybe to be happier and shouldn't really care of the existing thoughts from other people. As long as your happy with your decision and let that part of yourself go i am sure you find happiness.

CMPang x

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