Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Left or Right.

in life you either turn left or right

What if i told you if you take a left route on your next journey you will find what you wish for but this also comes with one challenge, however it you take the right turn this will be potential new beginning where you find more than a pot of gold but you will loose something important..

which route will you take?
maybe to some easy option is taking the right route be the easy option, however this in life means that you will not fight for what you wish or dreams. however in my case it is so much more rewarding to fight for something you dream or longing to want and accept any challenges along the way....

In life i see many people give up far to easily and stop pursing their dreams. Be more optimistic and take an adventure and stick to a challenge and at the end it maybe more rewarding than just jumping next to another option. A phrase in chinese 'Don't be half a bucket of water' in things you do.. if you want to do something pursue with an open mind... allowing you broaden and experience more...

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