Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One sided.

Have you ever experienced this before?

Have you ever liked someone, but that person doesn't like you, or even doesn't know.... i'm sure that many people have experienced this before or at least once in their lifetime. if not then i'm considered that these people are very lucky. Liking someone maybe one of the happiness or saddest feeling to come across.

When liking someone you, you may go to the extreme for that person you will care with all your heart, to protect that person from getting hurt, or even try lecture that person to help them define what right or wrong when you know that they may have made wrong decisions. Of course what you do may not turn the clocks around and that person will like you, but you do what your heart tells you and don't expect anything in return.

Liking someone that doesn't like you may be the most painful feeling, worse than breaking out of a relationship. As at the end of the day you are hurting yourself, whilst trying to pursue your own happiness without interfering theirs. As i said pursue your own happiness, as happiness you may can grasp in your palm of your hands if you try hardest.

Complex right?

however if you are liking someone and that person doesn't know, my opinions are i will let that person know and see through with the results, if it doesn't work you may try and persist again. but at the end of the day you can say you have tried, as things that you haven't try you wouldn't know the results and sometime results may turn out better than expected.

As happiness is something you gain yourself.

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