Saturday, 16 April 2011

I know you?

alot of question marks placed on people head; since my last blog.
i'm guessing people think why do they hate me? why this why that?
to be honest the conclusion is i don't know...

Alot of people percieve me as someone that likes to club, drink, socialise and apply alot of makeup?
but all in reality, i am quite a geek? i stay at home doing work and pictures that people see is me going out... now come on? am i really going to take pictures when i stay at home doing work...

everyone got their past, but if people still think how you was back then it rather silly.. as people do move on and is it that fact that you can't and holding grudges? well that not my fault.. but indeed if you have a problem with me, face up to me and say it... what the point of being anonymous... BE A MAN DO THE RIGHT THING (:

before assuming just ask me, before hating try understand..
as you may be in for a shock, you really don't know me..

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