Thursday, 28 April 2011


what did you do ?

It amazes me how our childhood till now is just so different, how such little thing when we was young we found entertaining. As we can continue playing the same game or watch the same program, and wouldn't get bored.. but now? it so different...who didn't younger play tag, hide and seek, board games, skipping rope, hopscotch, playing with sand, building Lego, domino, card games.... etc

it funny now i said that, technology has impacted us in each way of our lives. as sometime i think how a simple life would be, as today came back from a road trip and got into an area. with no service on my phone for a at least 40 minutes. i was literally on the verge to getting angry, but technology/electronic devices sometime made us this way, or is it the internet?

i wonder if anyone can live without your phone/laptop/pc for a day?
as for me both of these devices are my life. i wonder if anyone will rise to this challenge, maybe when i'm in Hong Kong, ask my friend to challenge me.... it would be interesting.

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