Thursday, 31 March 2011

Holding Grudges...

Why hold grudges?

Holding grudge is normally associate with hating or no purpose at all, but i actually don't approve of hating someone as it takes more effort to do such a thing...I find it quite immature to hold grudges, and people that hold grudges normally believe that they will be in less pain by avoiding as they think that they are protected if there not contacting the individual. however i feel that when holding grudges doesn't actually help, in fact it may harm and hurt them than it helps them.

Why i came across this topic is i recently got in touch with my a person that i will classify as friend till this day, but that person said to me don't bother contact them. i actually pity this friend, holding such a grudge is cutting communication from me and also giving no chance to resolve the problem and it worsen the situation..but till this day now, it been 3 years.

Please... life too short to be involving so much hatred in their life for a long time.
life shouldn't be held at a point, people make mistakes...
when a person try to explain..

stop. listen.think.forgive (or at least try).

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