Friday, 25 March 2011


Has it become part of my life? Yes. Why? It become an habit

To be honest i haven't got a clue what i blog about, I just do. Maybe it is to pass time and share my thoughts, i do acknowledge that their are many people viewing from different places/countries... i find it quite amusing...blogging has become part of my life, i have blogged since 2004 initially my thoughts was to write an online diary as pen and paper doesn't seem appealing to me..

looking back?
For those who are bloggers, i'm sure you do it look back your post and reminiscence the time.. how things improve or worsen..i find it is a genuine thing. When re-reading my post it gives me a warm feeling that i have changed from previous the way i type and to what i type, all i can say is i laugh at my life.. and simple things can be the one thing that place a smile on my face.

Past : This is all memory
Present: The past who made me where i am now
Future: This is where i look to for hope

i ask myself recently, what is my blogs about?

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